Shelley Duvall To Get Assistance From The Actors Fund After Shocking Dr. Phil Interview

Shelley Duvall recently sat down with an interview with Dr. Phil that left both fans and celebrities appalled not only by the alleged exploitation on behalf of the TV shrink but also because such a huge star is being allowed to suffer mental illness and financial instability to such a degree while mostly staying off the radar.

As soon as trailers for the Dr. Phil interview began to circulate, the late Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian stepped forward and started a GoFundMe for the actress, amassing a huge number of contributions in order to get Duvall the help she needs before ultimately getting shut down. Now, Shelley will receive additional help from the Actors Fund, who have also reached out to the iconic actress in an attempt to get her the help she needs.

Dr. Phil has taken several hits recently as fans and celebrities alike blasted him for the interview with Shelley Duvall. Many accused the TV doctor of using Shelley to make a profit without actually seeking to get her help.

During the interview, it was revealed that after meeting with Dr. Phil, Shelley was flown to a treatment center, where she stayed for three days and refused to take any medication. At the end of the show, it was revealed that Duvall would still receive help since Dr. Phil had reached out to mental health professionals in Shelley’s home state of Texas and would secure alternative treatment for her that didn’t include prescription medication.

After Shelley Duvall’s Dr. Phil interview went viral and the GoFundMe account was created, another source of help came about. The Actors Fund has since reached out to Dr. Phil and will be reaching out to Shelley to offer their assistance. As Deadline pointed out, the group can’t comment on anyone they are currently helping. because of their strict confidentiality rules. However, since Shelley Duvall isn’t a client yet, they can come forward and let the public know that they will be offering her support at this point.

“We often reach out to people when we hear in the press that they’ve fallen on hard times, and we’d be happy to help her in any way that we can,” said Keith McNutt, the director of the fund’s western region.

The Actors Fund can help Shelley Duvall in a much longer-lasting way than a GoFundMe account or the therapy provided by Dr. Phil. The fund can provide access to social services as well as provide direct financial assistance to Duvall and other screen stars who have fallen on hard times.

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Funds are raised through benefit concerts as well as a membership, according to the Actors Fund website. They provide many artists support in terms of emergency financial assistance, mental health assistance, addiction and recovery services, affordable housing, and forms of assistance based on what the person needs at that time.

Shelley Duvall is the perfect candidate for assistance from the Actors Fund. Thankfully, there is a silver lining in what was many people feel was one of the most difficult interviews to watch.

Despite all the criticism Dr. Phil took for putting Shelley Duvall on TV and asking her questions that would illustrate how extremely ill she is, at least some good came of it. Shelley received help rather than criticism. Her celebrity peers stood up for her, reached out to her, and even started the GoFundMe campaign, which has since been closed because of a technicality. As word of her condition circulated even further, the Actors Fund also stepped in and offered support and help to Shelley Duvall.

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