‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Producer Drops Big Hints About Meredith & Alex’s Romance

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been left to speculate about a potential romance brewing between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and long-time friend Alex (Justin Chambers) in Season 13 of the ABC medical drama, but now the show’s executive producer is dropping some big hints.

As fans saw in the winter season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “You Haven’t Done Nothin’,” Meredith and Alex appeared to heat things up in the romance department, which got viewers speculating that the two could, in fact, start dating once the show returns for the second half of Season 13 in January.

Grey’s Anatomy viewers flocked to social media after the episode aired, suggesting that there’s a pretty good chance Meredith and Alex could soon be the new hot couple at Grey Sloan Memorial after their years of platonic friendship.

“So y’all think Meredith and Alex are going to get together? #GreysAnatomy,” Grey’s Anatomy fan @AlovelySight2c wrote on the 140-character site, while @HelloImToni added amid the dating speculation between the two, “Alex Karev and Meredith Grey are going to end up together CALLING IT.”

“Meredith and Alex are gonna be the most glorious ship ever in a couple of years mark my words,” Twitter user @Wissaaaal then tweeted out following what looked like a romance spark between the two in the Grey’s Anatomy winter finale.

“Am I the only one who wants Meredith and Alex to be together?” Grey’s Anatomy fan @LovelyLucci27 added on the social media site. “Never thought I’d say that before but I do now!!”

But while fans continue to speculate about the future of the potential new Grey’s Anatomy couple, the show’s executive producer has actually been dropping hints for a while now that fans of the show could see Meredith and Alex dating when the series returns.

Grey’s Anatomy executive producer Betsy Beers spoke out about the possibility of Alex and Meredith dating in an interview with E! News at the ATX Television Festival earlier this year, where Beers hinted that the twosome’s relationship could be about to extend much further than just a close friendship.


Beers dished some serious details about a possible new romance between the two, admitting to the site before the Season 13 Grey’s Anatomy premiere earlier this year that she was lobbying for Meredith and Alex to start dating in the coming episodes.

Betsy admitted at the time that she felt seeing Meredith and Alex together would be “a logical place” for Grey’s Anatomy to go, even going as far as to admit to the site that she knows fans of the medical drama feel that the long-time best friends dating is “inevitable.”

“I’ve always been a giant Alex fan, like from the beginning,” Beers continued of where she wants to see Meredith’s dating life go in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. “Any given chance, I was about Alex. He’s deep.”

But while Meredith and Alex fans can rejoice at the possibility of the two starting their a romance when it comes to their dating life when Grey’s Anatomy returns, Beers also confessed earlier this year that it’s not yet completely out of the question for viewers to potentially see Alex return to Jo.

“From my perspective, I understand the reaction because I think you also just love these two people and you want them both to be happy, and that’s a natural thing too,” the Grey’s Anatomy producer admitted amid the dating and romance speculation. “But then there’s so many Alex [and] Jo fans — like, the fans are crazyballs! So it’s nice — there’s a little bit of something for everybody right now.”

Grey’s Anatomy is set to return to ABC on January 19.

Do you think Meredith and Alex could start dating in the second half of Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy?

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