‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador Shoots Down Vicki Gunvalson’s Claims Of Abuse: Why Won’t Vicki Apologize?

Shannon Beador is coming clean about her husband’s alleged spousal abuse. The Real Housewives of Orange County star clarified the shocking rumors during the final reunion special and shot down Vicki Gunvalson’s claims of abuse. Why doesn’t Gunvalson apologize for spreading such nasty rumors?

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Beador denies taking beatings from her husband, David. Instead, the reality star revealed that Gunvalson outright lied about an incident that happened shortly after she learned about his affair some two years ago.

David barricaded himself in a room after the news broke, and Beador tried to get through the door. The attempt at breaking down the door bruised Beador’s shoulder and hip. That same evening, Beador was eating dinner when she had a little too much to drink. Her husband found her lying in the street blocks away from a bar with torn up jeans and bloody pants.

“That was the darkest place for me,” Beador shared during the reunion. “I charged a door down in one of my darkest moments when I found out my husband had an affair… We went to Hawaii two days later, and I have huge bruises. My husband did not beat me. He had had an affair on me and I was doing my best to bring my family back together.”


Back in 2003, Beador called the police on David after a spout. Despite Gunvalson’s claims to the contrary, Beador maintains that he never hit her.

“It was nothing physical,” she revealed. “We had a verbal argument — I wanted the argument to end.”

Even Kelly Dodd, who has sided with Gunvalson all season long, backed down after Beador’s confession and admitted that the story added up. Gunvalson, however, refused to apologize and went on the attack.

“That’s a typical classic abusive situation – you deny,” Gunvalson asserted. “I hope to God you’re not abused. When you called me screaming for your life? I hope it was not true.”

Gunvalson continued, “I will never ever condone a man touching a woman. Just saw the way your husband speaks to women. And I know he yells at you and I know it’s physical… I will always look on the right side and the right side is a man will never touch a woman.”

Vicki Gunvalson repeatedly refused to apologize for claiming Shannon's husband abused her. [Image by Bravo]

The comments sent Beador into an emotional meltdown as she attacked her co-star for spreading such vicious lies.

“You are horrible. You need to stop right now,” Beador stated. “I would never stay in a marriage if I were beat up. I would never teach that to my children.”

According to Us Magazine, Beador added that she’s always been transparent when it comes to her marriage, even in the dark times. She then slammed Gunvalson for initiating the lies, which might have lasting effects on her family, before walking out of the reunion.

Even still, Gunvalson — who has been caught in lies in the past — refused to say she was sorry and admit that she was wrong. Heather Dubrow quickly pointed this out and criticized Gunvalson for taking advantage of Shannon Beador’s struggling marriage.

“Shannon confided in you in a dark moment. And it really speaks to your character that you would recklessly repeat that… I am highly disgusted and disappointed that you would repeat such a disgusting and dark thing,” Dubrow shared. “If you didn’t want to bring it out, you never would have mentioned it.”

Shannon Beador Leaving 'RHOC'? Spousal Abuse Lies Cause Her To Storm Off Season 11 Reunion [Featured Image by Bravo]
David and Shannon Beador [Image by Bravo]

Yet, Gunvalson still didn’t budge. “You put me through the ringer,” she told her co-stars. “She made me out like a con woman and a liar and I don’t lie. I didn’t go in on a cancer scam. And I’m tired of it!”

In light of Gunvalson’s tirade, the Inquisitr previously reported that many fans took to social media to tell the reality star how they feel about the drama this season. Some viewers questioned Gunvalson’s loyalty to the group and thought the show was much better without all the bickering.

Gunvalson couldn’t agree more.

“Agree! Hate all the negativity,” she replied.

While Gunvalson did not apologize directly to her co-stars, she expressed some remorse with how things played out when host Andy Cohen asked the ladies about what they regret this year.

“My biggest regret is talking to Kelly when the season first started about some things that I had been told,” she stated. “I should’ve kept them quiet… I made a mistake because I was hurt and I wanted to hurt them. It’s the truth. I was hurt.”


Considering all the drama Gunvalson created this year, Buddy TV reports that her lies about Beador and Tamra Judge make her the clear loser during the reunion. Whether Gunvalson can turn things around and rebuild some of her friendships next season is anyone’s guess.

Beador told cameras at the reunion that she and Gunvalson are done talking for good. For her own sake, it’s probably a good idea if Shannon Beador cuts ties with Gunvalson, at least for now.

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