Vicki Gunvalson Maintains She’s Not A Liar Despite Shannon Beador Saying She Lied About David’s Abuse

On part 3 of of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show, Shannon Beador angrily lashed out at Vicki Gunvalson for claiming that David Beador abused her. While Vicki expressed regret that she shared something regarding Shannon’s marriage to co-star Kelly Dodd, admitting that she did it to hurt Shannon, Vicki didn’t admit that what she told Kelly was a lie. Rather, Vicki didn’t back down from her assertion that Shannon tearfully called her one night and told her about the abuse.

As the reunion show aired on Monday night, Vicki responded to some viewers’ comments on social media regarding the reunion show. In response to a short clip that Vicki posted of herself in a private plane returning home after a work trip, one viewer accused Vicki of not being loyal and of lying. Vicki replied that she is loyal and that she doesn’t lie.

“aphipps123:Vicki needs to learn to be loyal and to stop lying!!”

“vickigunvalson@aphipps123: I am and I don’t”

In response to another viewer who wrote that the latest reunion show wasn’t a good one, and was actually a “s**t show,” due to the constant bickering between everyone and that the show was much better when most of the women got along, Vicki agreed. Vicki wrote that she hates all the negativity. Clearly, Vicki would have rather not argued with Shannon on the reunion.

“vickigunvalson: @d_banks87 Agree! Hate all the negativity”

A few hours prior, Vicki posted a clip of herself enjoying some dessert in a restaurant. One viewer left a comment telling Vicki that she doesn’t need to lie. Vicki replied that she doesn’t.

“didiny24: Vicki your the O.G. you dont neef to lie!! Love u!”

“vickigunvalson@didiny24: I don’t”

Prior to the airing of the conclusion of the reunion show, Shannon said that she was still speechless over what happened.

As the reunion aired, Shannon re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that gave the opinion that everyone knows that Vicki fabricated the abuse story.

On part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show, Shannon Beador exploded at Vicki Gunvalson for telling Kelly Dodd that her husband, David Beador, physically abused her. During the season, it came out that Vicki told Kelly that David abused Shannon when Kelly, as the cast were on their way back to the airport at the end of their Ireland trip, yelled out that Vicki told her that David “beat the s**t” out of Shannon.

Prior to that revelation, Vicki had threatened to spill a secret of Shannon’s that Shannon told her when they were still friends. Shannon defiantly said that she wasn’t hiding anything regarding her marriage and that Vicki knew nothing that wasn’t already revealed to the public. After Kelly let loose in Ireland, it was clear that the “secret” that Vicki claimed to know regarding Shannon’s marriage was that David physically abused her, which Shannon vehemently denied both on and off the show.

On the reunion show, Shannon continued to say that Vicki was lying about David having physically abused her. While Vicki claimed that Shannon told her that David hurt her, Shannon said that no such thing happened. Shannon actually gave a full account of what happened on the night she ended up hurt. According to Shannon, she did end up with bruises, not from David hurting her but from her hurting herself right after she found out that he had a long affair with another woman.

“Vicki, are you making reference to the time when I texted you I had a huge bruise here [right shoulder] and here [right hip], right before I went to Hawaii?…Right when I found out about the affair, this is 2 1/2 years ago, my husband and I sent our kids to Tennessee so that we could go to Hawaii. We went out to dinner, I either had too much to drink or I was slipped something. My husband found me, I walked out of the bar, he found me with rips on my knees and blood on my pants, nine blocks from where we were. I walked out without my purse, nothing. I don’t remember what happened but David didn’t know what was going on…and locked himself in Adeline’s room and I tried to barge through the door to get in…my husband did not beat me!”

Shannon continued to tearfully say that a man who is abusing a woman wouldn’t be punching the right side of her hip and the right side of her arm. Vicki, however, repeated her claim that Shannon called her scared for her life.

“Listen, I hope it’s not true, when you called me screaming for your life, I hope it’s not true.”

When Tamra Judge lashed out at Vicki for spreading a rumor, Vicki said that “it’s not a rumor.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shannon wrote in a blog post several weeks ago that while she did confide in Vicki regarding her marriage to David when they were friends, she never told Vicki that David “beat” her.

At the end of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show, when Andy Cohen asked each woman to reveal their biggest regret from the season, Vicki Gunvalson said that she regrets telling Kelly Dodd what she did. Vicki admitted that she wanted to hurt Shannon Beador. Yet Vicki didn’t say that she lied about anything. Rather, she maintained that she had been told what she then repeated to Kelly.

“My biggest regret is talking to Kelly when the season first started about some things that I had been told. I should’ve kept them quiet…I made a mistake, because I was hurt and I wanted to hurt them. It’s the truth. I was hurt.”

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