Shannon Beador Says She Never Told Vicki Gunvalson David ‘Beat’ Her, Feels Sorry For Kelly Dodd

Shannon Beador continues to lash out at Vicki Gunvalson for telling Kelly Dodd that her husband, David Beador, “beat the s**t” out of her. In her Bravo blog recapping the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode, posted on Friday, Shannon denied that David abused her and blasted Vicki for putting such a nasty lie out there. In her blog, Shannon also said that she feels sorry for Kelly, not because she now feels bad for how she, Tamra Judge, and Heather Dubrow treated Kelly in Ireland, but because Kelly actually believes that she has a real friend in Vicki. In Shannon’s eyes, Vicki is incapable of being a true friend because she’s two-faced and self-interested.

Early on in her blog post, Shannon admitted that she did confide in Vicki about her marriage when they were friends two years ago but never told her that David “beat” her. Shannon maintained that she would have left the marriage if David actually did such a thing.

“It is insane to me that Vicki tried to come up with a half-assed explanation of why she told Kelly the lie about my husband. Her accusations about David are nothing but false. I absolutely confided in Vicki when we were friendly two years ago but I never, ever said that my husband ‘beat’ me. I would no longer be in my marriage if such a thing were true.”

Perhaps Shannon, when she was friends with Vicki, told her about David somehow mistreating or threatening her, verbally and/or physically, and it somehow got re-told as David “beat[ing]” her? In February 2003, David was actually charged on counts of assault and battery against a cohabitant. He ended up pleading guilty to the counts and served three years of informal probation, during which he completed a batterer’s treatment program. In April 2014, Shannon gave an interview to Star magazine in which she denied that David physically hit her.

“There was no abuse, no physical anything. We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police, the fight would end. We’ve moved on; it’s over and done.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Vicki on Wednesday tweeted that Shannon is a liar for saying on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night that David never assaulted her.

Whatever the truth of what really happened in Shannon’s marriage and what she then told Vicki, Shannon expressed exasperation that some people will believe Vicki’s claim that David “beat” her. Shannon believes that no one should believe Vicki, whom Shannon described as someone who has lied before and has a shaky history with the truth.

“Most people will believe the truth, that my husband has not been involved at all with Vicki’s horrendously cruel accusation, because I have only told the truth about our relationship. The bigger issue is that SOME people will actually believe Vicki. NO ONE should buy into the false claims of a person with a history of deception…because it just simply never happened. Vicki has proven time and time again that she has a very loose relationship with the truth.”

Shannon’s description of Vicki as someone who has a history of deception and a very loose relationship with the truth is likely a reference to Shannon’s belief that Vicki continues to lie about not knowing whether her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, really had cancer or not. On Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, as well as on the current 11th season, Vicki said that she did not knowingly lie about Brooks having cancer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shannon has publicly said that Vicki definitely was in on a cancer “scam” with Brooks.

In her blog, Shannon Beador also said that she feels sorry for Kelly Dodd because she doesn’t seem to realize that Vicki Gunvalson is just using her. Shannon pointed out how Vicki refused to get involved and stick up for Kelly when Kelly need her help in Ireland. While Vicki said at the time that she stayed quiet because she didn’t want to jeopardize her relationships with Shannon, Tamra, and Heather, it seems to have backfired, at least when it comes to Shannon. Shannon wrote in her blog that Vicki’s silence just proved to her what a bad friend she is.

“I actually feel sorry for Kelly. She stated that she is the only one that has ‘stook’ up for Vicki. She is correct. It is just unfortunate that she doesn’t realize how much Vicki is using her to get back ‘into the good graces of the other women.’… Kelly is correct— she has done nothing but defend Vicki…When Vicki said that she was ‘trying to have (Kelly) fight her own battle and was trying to stay neutral,’ that was another backhanded way of saying ‘I am not your friend.’ It is completely unbelievable to me, nothing but selfish…She just proved to us all that she only cares about herself and not her true friends like Kelly.”

Shannon then made it clear that she still has a very low opinion of Kelly by making fun of her intelligence. After pointing out how Kelly said that she “stook” up for Vicki, Shannon pointed out that Kelly couldn’t even accuse Heather of being the puppet master correctly.

“It was hilarious to hear Kelly say that ‘Heather is the puppet and everyone’s the master…’ Michael’s facial expression and rubbing his face is priceless. It is quite clear that Kelly is ‘college educated.'”

Shannon poking fun at Kelly’s self-description that she has a college education is a reference to what happened during Meghan King Edmonds’ birthday party. As shown in a previous episode, Kelly yelled at Shannon during that party that she, contrary to how Shannon thinks of her, is a college-educated accomplished career woman. It was during that disastrous dinner that Kelly ended up calling Shannon a “c**t.”

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, during the cast’s bus ride to the airport upon the conclusion of their Ireland trip, Kelly, frustrated that Vicki wasn’t sticking up for her as she argued with Shannon, Tamra, and Heather but rather seemed to join them, yelled out what Vicki told her about Shannon’s marriage.

“You know what [Vicki] said about you? That your husband beat the s**t out of you. And it’s all out there now – how ’bout that.”

Vicki tried to defend herself by saying that she told Kelly such a thing because she was scared that David was going to hit her, as he did Shannon, when he got in her face during Shannon’s ’70s-themed party.

Shannon didn’t buy Vicki’s explanation.

“My husband didn’t touch you and you f***ing provoked him. How dare you? My husband and I have worked on my family, and my kids called you Aunt Vicki. How dare you cut their father down?”

A preview for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 finale episode shows that viewers will see more drama go down between Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador at a party that Shannon throws to celebrate Tamra Judge’s fitness competition win. The preview also shows Shannon lashing out at Vicki Gunvalson, going so far as calling her the “Devil.”

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