Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Shannon Beador And Tamra Judge Saying She Lied About David’s Physical Abuse And Started Eddie’s Gay Rumor

Vicki Gunvalson is hitting back at Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge after they called her a liar during their joint Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) appearance. During their appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show on Monday night, after the airing of the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode, both Shannon and Tamra said that Vicki lied about their marriages. Shannon denied Vicki’s claim that her husband, David Beador, physically abuses her. Tamra, meanwhile, denied that her husband, Eddie Judge, is gay and maintained that the rumor that he may be gay is out there only because Vicki started it.

On Wednesday, a viewer tweeted that Shannon lied when she said on WWHL that David has never assaulted her. Vicki agreed with the tweet.

Liar,” Vicki wrote in response.

Vicki also re-tweeted another viewer’s tweet that stated that Vicki didn’t create the rumors and police report, making it clear that she agrees with the viewer’s opinion.

What was the police report that the viewer tweeted about? In February, 2003, David was charged on counts of assault and “battery against a cohabitant.” He later pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor counts and was placed on three years of informal probation. During his probation, he completed a batterer’s treatment program.

As Radar Online reported in April, 2014, Shannon addressed David’s supposed assault in an interview with Star magazine. In her interview, Shannon denied that she was psychically abused.

“There was no abuse, no physical anything. We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police, the fight would end. We’ve moved on; it’s over and done.”

Another tweet that Vicki re-tweeted after Monday night’s Real Housewives episode was one viewer’s tweet that stated that, contrary to Tamra’s claim that Vicki started the rumor that Eddie may be gay, there has been talk about his sexuality for years.

Another viewer wrote that one only needs to Google Eddie to read the speculation.

On Thursday, Vicki made clear her feelings for Shannon and Tamra. In response to a Bravo article summing up an interview that Shannon and Tamra did with E! News, in which they said that they’re completely done with Vicki after what she said about their marriages, Vicki tweeted that “the feeling is mutual.”

During the interview with E! News, Tamra said that Vicki has been spreading rumors about her marriage to Eddie for years.

“Vicki has been spreading rumors about me and Eddie for about four years. She didn’t know that I knew. And so I said basically if she did one more thing to me this season, I’m done. I’ve forgiven her for lying about cancer and brought her back into the group when a lot of people didn’t want to be around her. Sure enough at the end of the day, she stabbed me in the back again.”

Shannon said that she will never be friends with Vicki again.

“That’s it. Ties are severed — forever.”

Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County showed the very dramatic and explosive end to the cast’s vacation in Ireland. It continued where last week’s episode left off, with Kelly Dodd engaged in a very heated argument with Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow during the group’s bus ride to the airport. Vicki Gunvalson, despite supposedly being Kelly’s friend, stayed quiet for most of it because of her desire to remain on good terms with Tamra, Shannon, and Heather. Yet when Vicki did speak up to agree that she didn’t like Kelly’s behavior after drinking, Kelly lashed back at Vicki by telling the women what Vicki told her about them behind their backs.

Kelly said that Vicki told her that Shannon’s husband, David, “beat the s**t” out of her. Shannon burst into tears upon hearing this. Tamra quickly asked Kelly what else Vicki has told her. While Kelly’s response was inaudible, Tamra revealed what it was when she yelled at Vicki for saying that Eddie cheats and may be gay. Tamra was so enraged that she got within inches of Vicki’s face and screamed at her.

“F**k you!” Tamra screamed.

Vicki denied that she actually said anything bad about Eddie. Yet she didn’t exactly deny telling Kelly that David physically abuses Shannon.

Vicki explained that she told Kelly about David’s physical abuse because of how he yelled at her during Shannon’s ’70s-themed party. During that party, which was shown in an earlier episode, David got in Vicki’s face and yelled that she’s a pig after Vicki made a snide comment about Shannon.

“Vicki f**k you. You need to shut your f*****g mouth. You shut your mouth. You lied about cancer. You still haven’t f*****g fessed up. You need to shut your f*****g mouth. You understand me? You need to shut your f*****g mouth. You f*****g, as soon as you admit to lying, then you’re scot-free.”

As she walked away, Vicki yelled at David that he’s a cheater and a bad man. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, just prior to that episode airing, Vicki wrote that David has “crazy eyes” and is a “yeller” who attacked her unprovoked.

On Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, Tamra became defensive when a viewer called in and, pointing out that there are rumors about Eddie’s sexuality, asked her about her sex life with him. Tamra replied that she doesn’t talk about her sex life publicly and that the rumors about Eddie’s sexuality are out there only because of Vicki.

Tamra gave her opinion that Vicki spread gossip about her and Shannon’s marriages because she’s jealous and insecure. Tamra also claimed that Vicki talked badly about Heather Dubrow’s husband, Terry Dubrow, and Meghan King Edmonds’ husband, Jim Edmonds, as well.

“I just think she’s super insecure and jealous of anyone that has a really good life. She sees Eddie and I as a solid couple and she wants that…Vicki dated Brooks [Ayers] and he was a bad guy, so she went after all of our husbands. She didn’t just go after Eddie and David. She went after Jim, she went after Terry. She went after everybody, you just didn’t see it.”

Both Tamra Judge’s and Shannon Beador’s husbands were in the audience to watch their appearance. Eddie Judge said that he wasn’t letting Vicki bother him.

“Personally, it goes in one ear and out the other. Whatever she says doesn’t mean anything to me because she doesn’t mean anything to me.”

David Beador gave his opinion that Vicki Gunvalson really is a pig, like he called her previously.

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