‘Star Wars’ Star Carrie Fisher Says She Never Expected Anyone To Read Her Memoirs

When Carrie Fisher revealed that she had once been involved in a passionate love affair with her Star Wars co-star, Harrison Ford, the revelation lit the internet ablaze with gossip and intense fan interest. Now, as Fisher prepares to release much more about her Star Wars past and the romance she shared with Ford, she confesses that the memoirs included in The Princess Diarist were never meant for anyone’s eyes, other than her own. In speaking about the journal entries which are to make up the bulk of The Princess Diarist, Carrie reveals that she shares her deepest and highly emotional confessions in the tell all book.

Star Wars Star Carrie Fisher Opens Up On Her Love Affair With Han Solo

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Carrie Fisher’s revelation that she and Harrison Ford had carried on a three-month affair, as they had been filming the original Star Wars, shocked fans, but as People shares, Fisher is now the one to be surprised. She never expected to get such a strong reaction from Star Wars fans and Carrie adds that she didn’t think it was that big of a secret. It was just something that happened and the Star Wars actress now says she never thought of it as something clandestine.

“I’m surprised at the reaction,” said 60-year-old Carrie Fisher. “I don’t think it is that surprising.”

Carrie admits that she had forgotten all about the brief affair until she had stumbled upon her old journals. They weren’t complete journals by any means reveals Fisher, explaining that she only bothered with the diary entries when she felt upset and distraught. She says the affair with her Star Wars co-star happened at a time of enduring “months of upset.”

Now, Ms. Fisher has strung the journal essays into a cohesive tale, refreshing her own memory in an effort to put together a complete story of her life at the time she was filming 1977’s Star Wars.

For Carrie Fisher, Details Are Scarce

In her appearance on Today, Carrie confessed that, even after re-reading her journal entries, she finds it difficult to recall the details of her past affair with Harrison or much else that occurred in 1977. Ms. Fisher openly admits that her memory isn’t so good these days, but she knows it wasn’t a good time because that was the only time she took up writing.

“It was sad because I was so insecure, and it’s very raw and obviously I didn’t expect anyone, including myself I suppose later on, to read it,” says the Star Wars star.

When asked who initiated the affair, Carrie says she couldn’t recall who made the first move, but later recalled that it had been Ford.

“I didn’t make the first move, no…. I was tipsy and I was surprised.”

The romance had its share of problems and much of that Fisher attributes to the fact that Harrison Ford was married at the time. She says she was uncomfortable with being involved with a married man, even though there seemed to be different rules for Hollywood film sets.

“I wasn’t raised that way,” Fisher says. “But when you’re on location — this is something I discovered — everything is permitted.”

For Star Wars fans hoping for an explicit blow-by-blow, Carrie says there’s room for disappointment. She says that just confessing to the romance and detailing it in the most general ways was already more revealing than she ever thought she might be, so explicit sex confessions definitely won’t be included.

As for Harrison Ford, he has yet to comment about The Princess Diarist or the affair. Carrie says she doesn’t even know if he’s read the memoir.

“He’s incredibly private,” Ms. Fisher said. “I feel really bad about doing that too him. But yes, I told him I had found the journals and that I was going to publish them. He sort of went, ‘Lawyer.'”

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