Trump’s Press For Internet Job Market To Fill American Pockets

Millions of Americans have been duped this week as a money-making scam takes advantage of Trump’s press relations. The President-elect has not exactly been a reliable source of information in the past on the campaign trail. In addition to all of Trump’s bad press, his young administration now faces internet warriors intending to capitalize on our President-elect’s ignorance. We will call it the decadent topping on Trump’s layered political cake.

Scammers are wise to many fine-tuned manipulation skills. They use the human interest to accrue millions of dollars in revenue. This time, Donald Trump is the target. The scam is that John/Jane Doe has recently been endorsed by Trump for being a genius at making money online. Some links include an embedded Twitter post from Trump’s handle praising the fake money-making guru. Click here and learn how to make thousands online without any prior education or training.

Utilizing Trump’s Press

Google “Trumpisms” or “Trump List,” and it will quickly become apparent just how easy it is to put words in Donald’s mouth. His past 12 months in the press have not been the best. Trump’s racist, classist, and misogynistic statements have littered the press with the material. It is no surprise that someone has taken advantage of the chaos.

Trump Money
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Not only does the scam capitalize on Trump’s press relations, but it also utilizes several big-name news logos to project a sense of legitimacy. CNN, ABC, NBC, and USA Today are only a few of the illegally used logos viewed as a headliner. An untrained eye might not notice that the URL never correlates with the network web address. This trickery has led to scammers making millions off unsuspecting Trump supporters. Promising to make thousands from home each month, the scammers require a purchase for valuable information. People pay for hope and a chance at easy money.

The Truth in The Matter

The truth is that it is feasible to make decent money online, but it is not likely a get rich quick plan. There are numerous ways to make money using the internet, and many of them do not require much training. Trump could feasibly support a plan to educate Americans on the many opportunities for income the internet provides. That is why the scam works, but not all online opportunities are a scam. Thousands of Americans make money everyday writing blog entries and various other types of web content. Amazon, Craigslist, and Etsy have revolutionized the power of selling junk digitally, and YouTube has given the ordinary citizen a chance at fame and fortune.

The Moral of the Story

Google Search
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Invest time in check and balances. There are plenty of sites available that specialize in the art of debunking scams and lies. Scamxposer, Snopes, and Scamwarners are just a few to begin investigating any deal (or news story) that sounds a bit fishy. Internet security is not merely a myth or piece of propaganda for the powers that be. People lose thousands every day to Internet scammers. It is pertinent that a site is licensed and secured before ever offering up any personal or financial information. Do not fall victim to your own lack of knowledge. Take time to investigate. Never spend money online with the promise of making money. If it is a legitimate opportunity, the company will foot the bill for any hiring costs or training.

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