‘Fear The Walking Dead: Passage’ Part 6: Colton Is Introduced, More Questions Arise As A Result

Part 6 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead: Passage reveals the identity of the new character introduced last week. Colton may be Gabi’s boyfriend, but does he also know Sierra?

Spoiler alert: This article discusses AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead: Passage. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all the episodes and would like to avoid spoilers.

According to the press release, the synopsis for Fear the Walking Dead: Passage follows.

“The second season of webisodes follows a fearsome survivor, Sierra (Kelsey Scott), who agrees to help an injured woman, Gabi (Mishel Prada), in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary. Over the course of their harrowing journey, the women go on to face many dangers and learn what they need to survive. “

Part 5 of AMC’s web series, Fear the Walking Dead: Passage saw Gabi and Sierra meet up with another human. It was not revealed who this person was, or if they were friend or foe in the last episode. However, Part 6 provides an answer, as well as some new questions.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead Passage,' Part 6, Gabi and Colton
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The person who shot the infected at the end of Part 5 was actually Gabi’s boyfriend, Colton (Mike Mosley). Gabi had told Sierra in a previous episode of Passage that Colton worked border patrol and that there was a tunnel which could help them cross over from America to Mexico. Considering Mexico would likely be less crowded than the U.S., giving them a greater chance of survival against the infected, Sierra finally decided to band together with Gabi.

Colton had been unaware it was Gabi being threatened by the infected when he fired his weapon. It was only when Gabi turned that he realized who it was. A reunion of sorts was made after that. They were happy to have found each other against all odds, but Gabi also had to alert Colton to the fact that all their loved ones were now dead.

While Gabi had been expecting Colton to return home to her, it is also discovered that Colton thought Gabi had perished when L.A. fell.

“You’re alive,” Colton proclaims. “I thought I lost you when the bombs fell,” he added.

This means Colton likely had some sort of contact with the outside world up until at least that point.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead Passage,' Part 6, Sierra
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However, once Colton starts questioning Gabi about Sierra, things start to get interesting. Colton thanks Sierra for helping Gabi to survive after he finds out Sierra helped Gabi survive. But then he whispers to Gabi asking if she told anyone about the tunnel. Gabi insists she didn’t. Then when they hug, Colton gives Sierra a strange look.

So, could Colton and Sierra somehow know each other even though Colton just acted like he had never met her before? Or, is it merely a look that shows concern at everything that has happened since L.A. fell? Only by tuning into further episodes of Fear the Walking Dead: Passage will reveal the answers.

You can view Episode 6 of Fear the Walking Dead: Passage below.

Passage is produced by Dave Erickson, who is also the showrunner for Fear the Walking Dead. Andrew Bernstein is listed as director and producer. Passage is written by Lauren Signorino and Mike Zunic.

Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV, released the following statement about Passage.

“We saw a tremendous response to last year’s Flight 462 so we are excited to again be expanding the world of Fear with another story of survival at the onset of the apocalypse. It’s great to be working with Dave Erickson and the Fear team on this new piece of original short-form content that will continue to engage fans in the series’ off-season.”

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Season 3 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns in 2017. Season 7 of The Walking Dead returns with Episode 6 (entitled “Swear“) on Sunday, November 27, at 9 p.m. ET.

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