Scarlett Fakhar Fired By Houston TV Station For Pro-Trump, Anti-Obama Facebook Post

Houston TV reporter Scarlett Fakhar lost her job with Fox 26, KRIV-TV, after posting a Facebook message on her personal page that praised President-elect Donald Trump and criticized outgoing President Barack Obama.

The original after-election post and a subsequent profuse apology for the sentiments expressed therein have apparently both been deleted from Facebook.

Fakhar, 25, wrote on Facebook earlier today, however, that "As FOX 26 Houston 's political agenda is becoming more and more clear, I'm realizing more than ever that this was for the best. The station not only silenced me, but has also tried to delete as many comments that support conservative ideologies on their page as possible..."

Fakhar was apparently terminated by Fox 26 on Thursday. "TheWrap has confirmed that Fakhar is no longer with the station through a Fox 26 spokeswoman," TheWrap disclosed.

According to The Daily Caller and various other news outlets, in the controversial deleted post, Fakhar wrote, in part, the following.

"Since everyone is talking about how they woke up this morning...[I'll] just go ahead and say I could barely sleep from how happy and relieved I was. I've prayed about this for a long time...I prayed for the best leader that will turn this country that has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration than ever...into the America I once knew. Look what Obama has he has made the entire country hate one another...I work in news...and I hate to say it...but the number of African Americans killing one another far outweighs the number of them killed by whites..."
The social media essay also slammed lazy college students for expecting someone else to pay off their tuition loans and extolled capitalism. Fakhar subsequently responded to a Houston Chronicle story that apparently highlighted her comments about black-on-black crime.

"The media has made this a RACE issue when in reality the matter boils down to a difference in political philosophy. As a multiracial person myself, I never have been or never will be racist," the journalist explained according to the New York Post.

The daughter of a legal Iranian immigrant, Fakhar also distinguished legal from illegal immigration in her original Facebook posting. "I want EVERYONE to be welcome in America...but only those who do it the right way."

"A source told the Daily Mail that Fakhar was dismissed because part of her reporting duties including covering political issues during the newscasts," the Daily Mail noted. "Permitting her to express opinions publicly on the subject would compromise her impartiality and betray a political bias, the source said."

The station has reportedly made no official comment as yet about Scarlett Fakhar's firing, the Dallas Morning News indicated.

Reacting to Fakhar's original pro-Trump, anti-Obama message, the FTLive website claimed that journalists must retain their objectivity.

"A number of people in TV news are telling followers on social media how they feel about this year's election. Which is exactly what they should not be doing....If you want to complain or celebrate the election, then I suggest you get a a job outside of TV news. If you're a bank teller or a accountant, go ahead and make your feelings known. Celebrate or protest Trump's victory all you want. If you a Journalist, you don't get that option. I'm sorry it comes with the territory...."
Prior to going to work for Fox 26, Fakhar worked at TV channels in Austin and Lubbock, Texas, and while in college on a soccer scholarship, interned at NBC Nightly News, the website detailed.

Do you think that the Houston TV station acted appropriately in the aftermath of reporter Scarlett Fakhar's pro-Trump, anti-Obama Facebook message?

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