Andy Cohen Teases That Phaedra Parks’ Ex Apollo Nida’s New Engagement On ‘RHOA’ Is Unbelievable

Apparently, viewers will actually see footage regarding Apollo Nida’s engagement from behind bars later on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the footage is so dramatic and outrageous that it’s unbelievable, even for someone who has watched every season of every Real Housewives show. On Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, Andy teased that viewers won’t want to miss the footage regarding Phaedra Parks’ ex’ renewed love life.

During the talk show, which had on Phaedra’s co-star Cynthia Bailey and model/actress Rebecca Romijn as guests, a viewer called in and asked Cynthia if she has spoken to Phaedra since it was revealed that Apollo, who is currently serving out his multi-year prison sentence for fraud, recently got engaged. Cynthia said that she hasn’t spoken to Phaedra, who married Apollo in 2009, about it. While Cynthia was careful to give any spoilers, she did say that the subject came up during filming.

“Um no. Um and I don’t know if that’s 100 percent confirmed yet, but I did hear about it, and the answer is no, but it did come up when we were taping.”

Andy, with a big smile on his face, then chimed in to pretty much confirm that viewers will see something about Apollo and his engagement later on this season. He teased that viewers won’t believe what they’re watching.

“There is some noise in that direction on this season and just stay tuned because you actually won’t believe what happens. That’s all I can say.”

Viewers saw Apollo Nida, after an angry confrontation with Phaedra Parks in their marital home, leave for prison on Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On Season 8, Phaedra was shown reluctantly bringing their two young sons to visit him in prison. During the car ride back home, Phaedra told her mom that Apollo was refusing to sign the divorce papers and was doing all he can to delay the process.

On the Season 9 premiere episode that aired a few weeks ago, Phaedra said during a confessional interview that Apollo, not wanting the divorce, was still refusing to sign the papers. She said that she was waiting to date until after her divorce is finalized. On last week’s episode, Apollo was mentioned again, not by Phaedra but by Kandi Burruss’ mom, Mama Joyce, who gave her opinion that Phaedra belonged in prison alongside Apollo, implying that she was the mastermind behind the crimes. As the Inquisitr reported, Phaedra, in a blog, quickly lashed out at Mama Joyce for her comments, characterizing her as someone who is simply desperate for attention.

In early November, Phaedra told TMZ that her divorce from Apollo has finally been finalized. She also said that she’s in constant communication with Apollo.

“I mean, we are parents together, so we talk frequently.”

As for whether she and Apollo would ever get back together in the future, Phaedra ruled that out.

“I never say never, but in this case, I don’t think that would be a possibility. At the end of the day, we’re friends and we have our kids together, so we’ll always be friends. We’ll always have a relationship.”

When TMZ reached out to Apollo’s camp to confirm the news, they were told that “if the divorce is truly finalized, it’s news to [Apollo].”

Yet Apollo, officially divorced or not, is already engaged to another woman. Early last week, TMZ reported that Apollo is now engaged to a woman that he started dating two years ago, before he began serving his prison sentence. The website further reported that The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers would hear Apollo’s voice and see Apollo’s fiancee on the current season. As for whether viewers will see Phaedra interact with Apollo’s fiancee, the website reported that the answer is no but that cameras did capture Phaedra’s reaction to the news.

Apollo’s Instagram account, which is currently run by Apollo’s team, confirmed the news.

The identity of Apollo’s fiancee was quickly revealed. All About The Tea reported that the woman is Sherien Almuti, a realtor from Philadelphia who is about 34 and has a young daughter. It posted a video that another blogger posted on Instagram showing Kandi Burruss’ husband, Todd Tucker, and Cynthia Bailey’s ex, Peter Thomas, escorting Sherien to a private room in Kandi and Todd’s Old Lady Gang restaurant to film. Both Todd and Peter are friends of Apollo’s.

Two days ago, Sherien pretty much confirmed that she’s in a relationship with Apollo. In an Instagram post that celebrated Apollo’s birthday, Sherien told him that she loves him and called him the best friend and partner that a person can have.

While Phaedra Parks isn’t visiting Apollo in prison now, Sherien certainly is. Right before her post celebrating Apollo’s birthday, Sherien, in another post, complained about how grossness of prison toilets.–/?taken-by=queensherien

About three weeks ago, Apollo Nida’s fiancee teased that she was filming “a very shady event” for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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