Amber Portwood Opens Up About Her ‘Mommy Makeover’ In New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek [Video]

Amber Portwood has been struggling with depression and bipolar disorder in recent months. She alluded to that fact on an episode of Teen Mom OG when she was looking at one of the houses she flipped with boyfriend, Matt Baier. With all of the pressure of being on television and living in the public eye, Portwood has been extremely hard on herself. In an effort to make herself feel better, she made a decision to get a mommy makeover in hopes it would help the way she is feeling about her body.

Being a recovering addict has wreaked havoc on Amber Portwood. She was once rail thin and has struggled with gaining and losing weight. Her body has taken a beating, according to her, and she is finally ready to look and feel normal.

According to Us Weekly, Amber Portwood will do her pre-op consult for her mommy makeover on the episode of Teen Mom OG that airs tonight. It has been a long eight years for her, and dealing with everything in the public eye has taken a toll on her self-esteem and psyche.

Matt Baier has been a huge source of drama for Amber Portwood. His past and his substance abuse issues have all surfaced, and she has had to deal with it in front of the world. Baier has several children with several different women, which was a surprise to Portwood. Gary Shirley sprung some of it on his ex-girlfriend last season in front of the Teen Mom OG cameras.

For the most part, Amber has done well coping with everything that has been thrown her way. In the sneak peek, she is going to be addressing how her medication for bipolar disorder and depression are affecting her as well. With everything going on, she decided to do something for herself to boost her confidence.

Just a few weeks ago, Amber Portwood unveiled her new look. She looks almost exactly the same but just a little more tight in certain areas. There has been a huge debate about whether or not she underwent plastic or cosmetic surgery. Portwood got into it with a fan on Twitter over the difference between the two, insisting it was only cosmetic surgery and that nothing on or in her body is fake.

In order to show off the impressive change, she took to Instagram, where she was met with both positive and negative feedback. Her first appearance out was the Teen Mom OG reunion, and it was pure chaos.

Fans are hoping this will help Amber Portwood feel better about herself and head down a road of healing. She has been completely upfront with fans, and the Teen Mom OG cameras have caught a lot of what has been happening with her. Matt Baier and Portwood got into a physical altercation with Farrah Abraham and her people during the taping of the Teen Mom OG reunion. After Abraham said that Baier looked like a pedophile, things went downhill. While it was intense, there were no actual injuries.

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG will show Amber Portwood baring her soul. She will explain the things that led to her decision to have cosmetic surgery and the effect battling bipolar disorder and depression has had on her. Fans have been aware of the battles she faced but not the degree to which they impact her daily life. Being transparent is hard, and sometimes it ends up backfiring. Amber Portwood is one of the strongest girls in the franchise, and sharing her story is something she feels strongly about.

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