Donald Trump Polls Higher Than Ever Before: President-Elect’s Popularity Soars

Donald Trump is now polling higher than ever before, with the president-elect’s popularity sharply rising in the days following his election. Forty-six percent of voters are now believed to have either a very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of the incoming president. Meanwhile, 12 percent of voters are said to have a somewhat unfavorable view of Trump, while 34 percent still have a very unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump, who defeated Hillary Clinton in a shock election victory earlier this month.

According to Politico, if the latest figures are to be believed, the president-elect will have seen a sharp rise in his popularity following the election. Final polls before the election placed Mr. Trump with a favourability of just 37 percent, which has now grown by 9 points to 46 percent. At the same time, the Republican president-elect’s unfavorability has dropped by 15 points, down from 61 to 46 percent, which will likely be welcome news for Mr. Trump, who is currently busy meeting with candidates to serve in his cabinet.


That being said, it’s not all good news for Donald Trump. According to CBS News, his former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, is still polling higher than the president-elect, which is the first time in history that a losing candidate outperforms the winner in a post-election poll.

What’s more, despite losing the Electoral College, Mrs. Clinton has a significant lead over Mr. Trump in the popular vote. The latest predictions give Hillary Clinton a 1.7 million vote lead in the popular vote, despite losing the Electoral College race to Donald Trump. Of course, the results of the popular vote don’t count for anything in a presidential election, and Donald Trump will officially be confirmed as the next president of the United States when the Electoral College meets to cast their votes on behalf of each state on December 19.


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The polling also provides some good news for incumbent President Barack Obama. Fifty-four percent are said to approve of the president in his final months in office, while 43 percent disapprove. In comparison to before the election, Obama’s approval rating was 50 percent, while his disapproval was 48 percent.

Morning Consult co-founder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp confirmed that Donald Trump’s recent rise in popularity isn’t all that surprising, however, saying, “This honeymoon phase in common for new presidents. For example, Obama saw about a 20 point swing in his favour following the 2008 election.”

With that in mind, President-elect Trump’s popularity is likely to be followed closely in the coming months as he prepares to take the office from President Obama in January.


Polling has also shown praise for Donald Trump’s transition effort. Nineteen percent of voters see Donald Trump’s transition to the presidency as more organized than his predecessor, while a further 34 percent believe the transition is on par with previous efforts. That being said, many Americans are still very much unaware of some of Donald Trump’s initial picks, including Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Jeff Sessions, who have all been selected for pivotal roles in Mr. Trump’s administration.

Donald Trump will be confirmed as the next president of the United States by the Electoral College on December 19. Following that, his inauguration will take place on January 20, when Mr. Trump will officially become president and Barack Obama will leave office. Before inauguration day on January 20, Mr. Trump is expected to fill the remaining positions in his administration, including key cabinet appointees such as the secretaries of state, treasury, and defense.

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