Gourmet Dog Bakery Helps Homeless Teens, Vet Delivers First Set Of Canine Identical Twins

Recently, Lindy’s Bakery, a gourmet pet food bakery, announced five new gourmet pet treats, including grain-free, gluten-free, and vegan products. However, while food is obviously a large part of the business, the baker’s primary goal is to help others.

One hundred percent of the proceeds are going directly to a program that will teach valuable work skills to homeless teenagers and young adults.

According to the Lindy and Company website, Daybreak, a non-profit organization, helped form a partnership for its creation. It is a program that helps move homeless young adults and teens out of poverty and under-education so they can live better lives.

Daybreak was formed in 1975. The Ohio-based company also aims to teach financial independence and self-sufficiency to its youths. The Daybreak employment program helps those in need develop the skills they need to obtain jobs. The bakery is a part of this all-important program and teaches homeless teens and young adults the work skills they need to get them off the street forever.

Thanks to this level of support, Daybreak has been able to house 500 homeless people each year!

The new line of flavors from Lindy and Company includes novel flavors, like Sweet Pea, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Supreme, and Peanutty Puppers. In a press conference, the company’s CEO, Linda Kramer, stated, “We are responding to consumer demand for healthier treats for their dogs. As they make better choices for themselves, they want to make better choices for their pets. We understand the direction the market is taking.”

This next helping of dog news will have you feeling all fuzzy inside.

Today, when a human gives birth to identical twins, it’s not generally newsworthy. However, the birth of identical twins is incredibly rare in other lower creatures in the animal kingdom.

Recently, while delivering a dog’s litter, Dr. Kurt de Cramer helped give birth to the first pair of identical dog twins, according to CBS News.

Dr. de Cramer works at Rant en Dal Animal Hospital in Mogale City, South Africa. There, he performs an estimated 900 Caesarean or C-sections per year. Therefore, the delivery was a routine procedure in the early stages.

When Dr. de Cramer was first introduced to the Irish wolfhound, the canine was having difficulty giving birth. Dr. de Cramer reported that he knew something was going to be “different” about this one, as the dog had a strange bulge by her uterus.

Dr. de Cramer began to extract the puppy, thinking the bulge was merely an accumulation of excess fluids. However, when he made the incision, he discovered that there were two puppies attached to the same placenta. Miraculously, twin puppies had been born!

“When I realized that the puppies were of the same gender and that they had very similar markings, I also immediately suspected that they might be identical twins having originated from the splitting of an embryo,” said de Cramer.

According to Dr. de Cramer, he has not seen anything this unique in 26 years of being a veterinarian. After delivering the other puppies, he contacted other specialists to see if the two puppies were actually twins. The vets took blood samples from the puppies when they were about 2-weeks-old. It was confirmed that the two were, indeed, identical twins.

Nature is complex and scientists are discovery new breakthroughs almost daily. Still, the birth of a set of identical twins in nature with any creature other than a human is priceless.

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