Joy-Anna Duggar’s Boyfriend’s Family Reveals What Little They Knew About Josh Duggar Scandal

The news came out not long ago that Joy-Anna Duggar is courting. This 19-year-old is someone that the family always says is a joy to be around and that her name fits her perfect. Radar Online was able to find out how much her new boyfriend, Austin Forsyth, knows about the Duggar’s past scandal with her brother, Josh. Austin has been friends with Joy-Anna for fifteen years, so you would think his entire family would know a lot, but it turns out that is not the case at all.

Austin’s great-great-grandmother Dorette spoke to Radar Online, saying of the courtship, “I’m proud for him. I think it’s wonderful.” She was next asked about Josh’s molestation scandal and affair on wife Anna, she responded, “I don’t know anything!” It sounds like Joy-Anna’s possible future grandmother hasn’t been reading the tabloids lately. Austin’s grandpa didn’t know anything about the scandals either, and he also hasn’t had a chance to meet Joy-Anna.


Now when it comes to Austin Forsyth, nobody really seems to know what he knows about the Josh Duggar scandal. Considering he has been close to the family for so long, Austin probably knows a lot of the details. Joy-Anna’s new boyfriend seems to fit in with the Duggar family just fine.

Sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald came forward as two of the six victims Josh molested, but Joy-Anna Duggar has never shared if she was one of the girls. It seems like this situation will never go away and the Duggars are constantly going to be dealing with it. Josh still isn’t allowed to be on their show at all.


IBTimes shared that Joy-Anna Duggar’s sister Jessa Seewald had a very special message for Austin recently. The two just revealed that they have been courting, but it does look like things are going well so far. Jessa spoke out in a video saying, “We’re super happy for ya’ll and look forward to hanging out with ya’ll more and going out on a double date sometimes. It’s an exciting time of life! We love ya’ll!” Ben Seewald also mentioned wanting to have “good conversations” with them. It does look like Joy-Anna and Austin won’t have any trouble finding people to go along with them on dates. Jessa also recently spoke out about Joy-Anna.

“She’s smack dab in the middle of 8 boys in the family lineup… Seems like just yesterday she was just a little tomboy playing with green plastic army men and running around the fighting nerf gun wars with her bros.”

The entire Duggar family seems really excited for Austin and Joy-Anna’s courtship. Right now, she is in the very early stages where they see if they work as a couple. If things go well, Joy-Anna Duggar could end up being engaged by next year. She is a little bit younger than her sister Jinger who just got married.

The new season of Counting On will start airing in January on TLC. In this season, you will get to see a lot about Joy-Anna’s courting, and this is when fans will finally get to know Austin. This season will also be about Jinger preparing for her wedding and Jessa getting ready to have another baby. It should be an interesting season with a lot of changes for the Duggars. You never know when they will announce another wedding, baby on the way or courtship.

Are you shocked to hear that Austin’s family didn’t know more about what went down with Josh Duggar? Do you think that Joy-Anna Duggar has found the perfect guy for her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss Counting On when it returns to TLC this January.

[Featured Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook]