Porsha Williams On Phaedra Parks’ Burgeoning Friendship With Kenya Moore

Will viewers actually see Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore become good friends on Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? On the premiere episode, Kenya surprisingly extended an invite to her housewarming party to Phaedra, which Phaedra accepted. On Episode 2, viewers saw Phaedra show up to the party with Porsha Williams, whom Kenya had not invited, as her plus one guest. While Kenya wasn’t happy to see Porsha, whom she actually asked to leave the party, Kenya was friendly to Phaedra. The next day, Phaedra had a one-on-one lunch with Kenya, during which they attempted to truly put the past behind them and to get to know one another better. During the lunch, Phaedra also defended Porsha to Kenya, telling Kenya that Porsha is trying to change in regard to her anger.

One person who didn’t expect Kenya and Phaedra to have lunch together was Porsha, who got very close to Phaedra last season. Porsha and Phaedra are now such good friends that they call themselves “Frick and Frack.” Yet apparently, Phaedra didn’t tell Porsha that she was going to lunch with her enemy. In her latest Bravo blog, posted on Thursday, Porsha admitted that she was surprised to see Phaedra hanging out one-on-one with Kenya. Porsha pointed out that Phaedra has a tumultuous past with Kenya, one that may be even be worse than her own past with Kenya.

“Yes, I was most definitely surprised. Their past is just as tumultuous as or even worse than my history with Kenya.”


While Phaedra may be developing a friendship with Kenya, it doesn’t seem that the same can be said for Porsha. In her blog, Porsha criticized Kenya for asking her to leave Moore Manor. Porsha believes that Kenya asking her to leave just shows that she’s an insecure person who can’t let go of the past and move forward.

“I pretty much expected her to react that way. It takes a humble, caring person with a lot of confidence to be able to let the past go and move forward, and those are qualities I think she lacks. This beef has been dragged out for so long that I’m completely over it. I came baring a beautiful arrangement and ready to let the past be the past, but I was met with bitterness. I honestly don’t think twice about a relationship with people who don’t reciprocate respect. I will continue to support those who support me.”

Porsha also criticized Kenya for talking ill about her during her Escape the Room event. Porsha believes that Kenya’s statements just shows how pathetic and envious she is of her.

“I have to say, seeing the constant low blow jabs Kenya continues to throw at me just shows how pathetic she is and how envious she is of my free spirit.”

For several seasons, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore feuded over Phaedra believing that Kenya was trying to come on to her now-ex Apollo Nida and Kenya’s denial that she was doing anything wrong. Phaedra continuously lashed out at Kenya for flirting with Apollo, going so far as calling her names and making fun of her status as a child-free and single woman at her age. At one point, Phaedra believed Apollo’s claim that Kenya once offered him oral sex when they were both in Los Angeles at the same time. Even when Apollo, in a later season, admitted that he lied and apologized to Kenya, Phaedra refused to believe that Kenya was completely innocent. Yet last season, there seemed to be a bit of a breakthrough between the two women when Kenya told Phaedra how hurtful the accusations were and Phaedra tearfully apologized for the past.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Kenya’s Watch What Happens Live appearance on Sunday night after the premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she said that she and Phaedra are getting to know one another again.


In her Bravo blog, posted on Thursday, Kenya wrote that she hopes that Phaedra is being sincere in wanting a friendship with her. Kenya made it clear that she wants to move on from their past drama.

“I can only hope that Phaedra is being sincere as I am. I cannot and simply refuse to live in the past. Phaedra and I started off as friends and subsequently we have both hurt each other — intentionally and unwillingly. Somehow we found it in our hearts to sincerely apologize to one another for our behavior. It’s time to move on.”

Phaedra also expressed hope that she and Kenya will become friends again in her own blog post, posted on Monday. Asked whether she thinks she and Kenya have truly wiped the slate clean and started over, Phaedra said that she hopes so. Yet she also expressed caution.

“I hope so, but only time will tell.”


Porsha Williams’ history with Kenya not only includes tense verbal arguments and back-and-forth insults but also physical violence. On the Season 6 reunion show, after Kenya yelled at Porsha through a megaphone and a bullhorn and taunted that she was going to get her fired, Porsha grabbed and pulled Kenya down and across the stage floor by the hair. While Kenya quickly got up and exited the stage, Porsha herself ended up in hysterics on the floor and had to be carried off the set.


On the Season 9 premiere episode, when asked by Sheree Whitfield why she didn’t invite Porsha to her housewarming party, Kenya didn’t bring up their Season 6 reunion show fight but did bring up the fact that Porsha attacked another person at Phaedra’s Christmas party last year, an attack that was cut out of the Season 8 finale episode but was shown on the reunion show. Kenya said that she didn’t want a person with such violent tendencies in her new home.

In her blog Kenya, in response to why she asked Porsha to leave her housewarming party, simply said that only invited guests were allowed in her home.

Considering all of the animosity between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, perhaps viewers will see Porsha confronting her good friend Phaedra Parks about befriending Kenya as Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues? Or perhaps viewers will simply see Phaedra successfully hanging out with Porsha and Kenya separately but continuing to try to bring them together?

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