Rihanna Sickened By Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Romance: How She's Dealing With Ex-Boyfriend's 'KUWTK' Romance

Rihanna is sickened by the thought of Kylie Jenner dating her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, who she briefly dated back in 2015, it's been alleged

The singer shared a very discreet romance with Scott for just over three months before Rihanna ended up reconciling with Drake, but it should be noted that Rih-Rih still considers herself good pals with Travis despite the fact that they're no longer together.

Scott helped promote Rihanna's Puma shoe collection when the "Umbrella" hitmaker first announced her collaboration with the brand in the fall of 2015. Their relationship was confirmed when video footage surfaced of the twosome kissing one another at a nightclub. While it was rare to see them being affectionate, they were definitely together.

When Rihanna recently learned about Kylie's relationship with Travis, however, the 29-year-old was far from impressed, allegedly telling pals that out of all the women he could've gone for, he goes for Kylie, which strongly implies that Rihanna might think he downgraded from her.

Kylie and Travis have yet to confirm their romance, but after being spotted holding hands at Coachella, earlier this month, sources say that they're definitely trying to see whether or not they could make a relationship work between one another.

Rihanna thinks the whole situation is ridiculous, especially since it's only been weeks since Kylie reportedly dumped Tyga.

"First Karrcuhe [Tran], now Kylie. No wonder why Rihanna doesn't get along well with girls whose first name starts with K," a source tells Hollywood Life. "Rih's not claiming Travis, but she thinks it's tasteless that Kylie's pushing up on her ex."

"Granted, everyone's someone's ex, but these sisters! They're like Goodwill because they're always looking for someone's hand-me-downs. Rih now knows exactly how Chris [Brown] felt when Drake and Soulja Boy went behind his back and tried to talk to several of his ex's, including her. It's not a good look."

While Rihanna isn't too pleased to hear about her ex-boyfriend's new relationship with Jenner, it certainly isn't bothering her enough to try and sabotage the supposed romance that the rapper has with the socialite.

It's certainly not a jealousy thing on Rihanna's side since she has made it known that she's taking a break from the dating scene — especially after her split with her most recent boyfriend, Drake, back in October, whom she reportedly dumped because he wasn't ready to settle down with her.

Rihanna had allegedly assumed that marriage and children would be the next step forward as far as her relationship with Drake was concerned, but the rapper reportedly wanted to focus the forthcoming years on continuing to tour the world while effectively building his music career bigger than to what it already has become. The two, therefore, chose to part ways.

Right now, Rihanna is said to be focusing all of her time on expanding her career in fashion, with potential new music dropping over the summer. The singer hasn't ruled out plans to have a family of her own, but she'd need to find the right man first, who she has yet to find.

Does it seem like Rihanna is jealous over Kylie Jenner's newfound romance with Travis, or do you think she has the right impression of the reality star for already hooking up with a new rapper, just weeks after calling it quits with Tyga, as mentioned by E! Online?

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