‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 68-71 Title Leaks Confirm Hit’s Return, A Brief Battle And A Baseball Match

Dragon Ball Super is ready to cover another arc once more, as the Future Trunks saga has come to a close. Fortunately for fans of the long-running and much-beloved franchise, the November 21 issue of the Japanese V Jump Magazine has released a brief teaser containing the titles of the next four episodes of Dragon Ball Super. While some of the episodes appeared to mostly contain filler material, the final leaked episode title, which is scheduled to air on December 18, features the return of a very memorable character from DBS – the formidable assassin from the Universe 6 saga, Hit.

While Dragon Ball Super has so far polarized longtime fans of the franchise due to its perennial lackluster animation and its notable plot holes, the introduction of new, compelling characters has been welcomed by the Dragon Ball community unanimously. Among these new characters, one that has managed to capture the interest of fans was Hit, an assassin from Universe 6 who was able to defeat Vegeta and give Son Goku a run for his money during the Universe 6 tournament. Despite his brief appearance in the anime, numerous Dragon Ball fans have always remarked that Hit’s characterization was very intricate and thus, he seemed to be designed for so much more than the Universe 6 saga.

As it turns out, such speculations are accurate, as it was revealed in the latest V Jump Magazine issue that Hit would once more make an appearance on Dragon Ball Super. Titled “Goku Dies! Assassination Order That Must Be Performed,” Episode 71’s summary pertains to the appearance of an assassin, which many speculate to be the Universe 6 character. According to Gojiitaaf, one of the most noted sources for Dragon Ball leaks, the summary for Episode 71 refers to the strongest assassin seeking the life of Son Goku.

What makes Episode 71’s summary particularly interesting is the fact that the assassin in question was not confirmed to be coming from Universe 6. Thus, there is a possibility that Hit might not be the one who would be tasked to kill Son Goku at all. Some avid Dragon Ball Super fans are even speculating that the assassin who would try to kill Goku would be the best manslayer in all of Dragon Ball‘s 12 remaining universes. Others have taken these speculations even further, stating that Hit might be coming to give Goku a warning of the impending danger.

Other episodes in the recent batch of leaked titles were notable as well, with Episode 69, “Goku vs Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle?” also referring to an episode that is filled with some intense action sequences. Considering that Episode 70, “Challenge from Champa! Let’s fight in baseball!” appears to be mostly filler. However, numerous fans are speculating that the battle against Arale would be rather minor, as the conflict against the character would most likely be resolved within a single episode.

Dragon Ball Episode 68, titled “Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!” appears to be very important to the overall plot of Dragon Ball Super, however, as it would be the episode that would happen immediately after the finale of the Future Trunks arc. The episode’s summary is pretty straightforward, referring to Son Goku attempting to gather the Dragon Balls to bring back Kaio-Sama. Things, however, get a bit complicated as it was revealed that Bulma and the others would also have a wish in mind for the legendary Shenlong. While details about the episode’s plot have not been revealed as of date, fans have extended their approval of Episode 67, as Shenlong, one of the central beings in the Dragon Ball mythos, would be made relevant again.

Dragon Ball Super has just concluded its best arc to date, and the anime is undoubtedly preparing to enter yet another action-packed saga. With the Omni-King making an appearance in Episode 67, speculations are high that a new tournament, featuring the strongest fighters in all the 12 Dragon Ball universes, would soon be conducted. Overall, Dragon Ball Super is simply getting better, and considering the title leaks for Episode 68-71, the anime appears to be gearing up for its most epic arc yet.

[Featured Image by Dash Toriyama|Flickr|Cropped and Resized|CC BY-SA 2.0]