‘GTA V’ PC Modder Drops More Than 100 People On A Helicopter — What Happens Next? [Video]

GTA V on PC has a distinct advantage over the console versions, and it’s not just the visual upgrade. Mods are something easily done if you have access to a PC, or in some cases, if the console version has support built in. Using this method, YouTube host Sernandoe utilized a mod to drop more than 100 people on a helicopter for the amusement of the public.

Titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition allow mods on consoles, even though it’s taking some heavy patching by Bethesda to make the game playable enough to enjoy the mods.

One thing the Grand Theft Auto series has been known for ever since the PlayStation 2 era is the ability to just do whatever you like. Much like many open-world titles released since then, you can wander and get in trouble, and there are actual consequences. The only way to lose your “wanted” status is to hide and avoid letting police catch you as an in-game timer counts down.

Ubisoft’s The Crew even uses this method and offers in-game rewards for pulling off spectacular chases and escaping, including one where you maintain a single chase all the way from Chicago to New York City. In the gaming world, running from police is just fun, and Rockstar Games knows it.

Of course, there is also the option of playing the game straight through for nothing more than the story, in which case it’s only as fun as the developers planned the missions to be.

After the story is played out, many gamers opt to hunt down Trophies and Achievements, or just see how much trouble they can get into.

In one case, a GTA III gamer had their character stand in the middle of a busy road, blocking traffic from both directions. Then they dropped a grenade and ran into a nearby alley as a chain reaction of explosions brought the police down on them. They continued to antagonize the police, unloading rocket launchers at cruisers until a helicopter appeared and gunned them down.

Why would people do that? It’s fun, and as long as it’s in a video game, there are no real-world consequences other than the time taken. Of course, some religious and government authorities might beg to differ.

YouTube user Sernandoe took the freedom of the open world scenario and added mods to create a situation which would be terrifying and horrific in the real world. He dropped more than 100 pedestrians on a helicopter to see what would happen and then uploaded the footage for the world to see.

In order to make it happen, Sernandoe used a GTA V PC mod to spawn in a helicopter onto an air field. Then he posed the question of how he was going to get over 100 pedestrians to fall into the spinning blades, and how he would make the blades spin.

Sernandoe used Franklyn to enter the helicopter and make the blades spin by simply turning the virtual ignition.

Getting the pedestrians to drop into the blades was a little more tricky, but Sernandoe found a way to get them up there. He used a wide billboard, supported by a side pole, and placed it just outside the range of the blades so the helicopter wouldn’t hit it. Then he spawned pedestrians in masses on the inner and outer catwalks and support beam, as many as he could fit.

The next step was simple and only possible with a mod. Sernandoe removed the billboard, leaving all of the pedestrians simply standing in mid-air. The only way to get them down from there was to shoot them, and by doing so, he caused groups to fall all at once.

Did they all fall to their deaths, did some survive, or did the helicopter glitch out? Watch the video above and see for yourself. It’s not the gore-fest it sounds like.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]