Trump-Romney Meeting: Rumored Donald Trump Considering Mitt Romney For Cabinet Position, Such As Secretary Of State, Will Romney Grovel?

In yet another astonishing plot twist in the 2016 election, the Associated Press reports a Trump-Romney meeting took place early Saturday. It’s not entirely clear what the purpose was of this get-together between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, but it’s rumored that Trump might be offering Romney a cabinet position, such as Secretary of State. This would be amazing if true, given Romney’s attacks against Trump. But is this party unity or evidence of Ted Cruz style groveling?


History Between Trump and Romney

Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination instead of a party stalwart like John Kasich, Marco Rubio – or even disliked fringe Senator Ted Cruz – came as a massive shock to the leadership of the Republican Party.

As reported by the Associated Press, Mitt Romney in particular – the party’s 2012 presidential ticket head – insisted that Donald Trump was completely unsuitable to be the Republican candidate for president of the United States. In fact, he referred to Trump as a fraud, saying, “… his promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”


Not surprisingly, this resulted in a heated Trump Romney rivalry for control of the Republican Party’s future. And since Donald Trump has demonstrated on many occasions that he tends to hold a grudge, his victory in the 2016 election puts traditional Republicans like Romney in a difficult position.

The Dominance of Trump

Romney finds himself in a situation now where if he’s going to play any role in the Republican Party, he’s going to have to accept the dominance of Donald Trump, at least for the time being. His seemingly congratulatory visit to Trump – and Mike Pence – could be a token of this acceptance.


Or, as the rumors suggest, it might be that Romney is going to be offered a position in Trump’s cabinet, such as Secretary of State. It’s not unprecedented for previous presidential candidates to get this position. After all, President Obama turned to previously defeated Democratic candidates John Kerry and Hillary Clinton when he wanted a Secretary of State.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

Romney wouldn’t be the first Republican to have to abase themselves to the new leader of the Republican Party. Only a few months ago at the Republican National Convention, one of the Republican Party’s least favorite people, Senator Ted Cruz, managed to impress with what seemed like a principled stand against Donald Trump.


Cruz stood on the stage and insisted he would never endorse Donald Trump, a man who had insulted both his wife and his father. However, only months later, Cruz revealed the feet of clay everyone suspected him of having when he flipped and fully endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States.

As a reward for his utter humiliation, Ted Cruz has received virtually nothing – aside from the occasional Donald Trump snub. And Cruz isn’t alone, since Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon early, has recently found himself sidelined by Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Mitt Romney denouncing Donald Trump in March. Different tone in Trump Romney meeting.
Mitt Romney denouncing Donald Trump in March. Different tone in Trump Romney meeting. [Image by George Frey/Getty Images]

Whether Romney was actually expecting anything from the meeting, such as a cabinet position or a revelation that a Donald Trump administration wouldn’t be as bad as he was anticipating, is unknown. When Romney and Trump walked out to talk to the press, all they delivered were the usual platitudes one expects when two people who don’t like each other have to talk to the media.


In this “mountain coming to Mohammed” Trump Romney meeting, Donald Trump has been able to reemphasize to the former leaders of the Republican Party that he’s now in charge. One of the characteristics of Donald Trump, and one that he is demonstrated in business and on television, is that he likes making it clear to others that he is a winner and that they are all losers. It’s clear now that he intends to continue with this behavioral quirk as president of the United States.

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