'General Hospital' Spoilers: Samira's Identity Revealed -- Does Luke Have Anything To Do With The Painting?

General Hospital will be saying farewell to Tracy Quartermaine next week, but not before she finds out exactly who this girl from Turkey really is. Samira came to Port Charles to try to persuade Tracy into giving her the painting that she brought back. But first, there is another important matter that needs to be taken care of, and that is announcing the results of the DNA test. Is Samira really Edward Quartermaine's daughter?

Friday's episode of General Hospital was all about Tracy. Jane Elliot's last episode's air date is May 4 and fans are anticipating the final farewell to a beloved actress. Samira's true identity is on Tracy's mind, which is why she decided to secretly run a DNA test on the young woman. The soap posted a sneak peek for Monday and the Quartermaine family is about to find out the truth.

There seems to be something fishy about this whole storyline with this girl. Samira seems legitimately worried about her daughter, that she claims has been kidnapped as part of a drug trafficking ring. She says that she needs the painting so it can be sold, and then she can get her daughter back. The art work is supposedly worth millions, but Tracy only wants to keep it because it meant something to Edward.

Tracy was adamant about not giving it up, but she suddenly had a change of heart. She had something of an awakening on Friday and she realized that she has a blessed life and wants to do the right thing. It seems a little strange that the painting has become the main focus of Tracy's last days on General Hospital. Is Samira telling the truth about who she is and why she wants the painting so badly?

There could have been a hint that something is not right about this scenario on General Hospital. Right before Tracy came back with the painting, the Quartermaines were gathered at the mansion trying to figure out what to do once they realized that Tracy took it. Dillon mentioned that maybe they should all pull their resources together and just give the money to Samira for her daughter. She didn't seem to want to take their money. Her focus was on getting her hands on the painting as she said that the monastery had a buyer all ready to go.

It may have been nothing, but wouldn't she be interested in taking the Quartermaine money in order to save her daughter if the painting wasn't an option? It seems that her only focus is taking the art back to Turkey. Is she a scammer like Larry Ashton?

There may be another reason, and it could involve Luke Spencer. According to Soaps In Depth, Anthony Geary is returning to General Hospital on May 4, which is Jane Elliot's last day as Tracy Quartermaine. It is expected that he will be riding off into the sunset with her, and that could very well be. However, maybe he has something to do with Samira and the painting that seems to be the center of attention right now.

It seems to all be some sort of test to see what Tracy will do, whether she will do the right thing or not. Why would Luke just all of a sudden pop up out of nowhere once again? Is he the real owner of that painting?

Other rumors suggest that Tracy will somehow run into Luke wherever she is headed. It is a big secret on how Luke Spencer will play into this farewell story. What about Samira? Will she or won't she end up to be a Quartermaine? If she is, she could just stick around a while longer, even after Tracy hits the road.

How do you think Luke Spencer will fit into all of this? Do you think he has something to do with Samira and the painting? Stay tuned to General Hospital next week to see Jane Elliot's last few days as the beautiful and sassy Tracy Quartermaine.

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