Khloe Kardashian Trust Issues: Convinced Tristan Thompson Will Treat Her Like Lamar Odom?

Is Khloe Kardashian facing some trust issues in her two-month romance with Tristan Thompson?

According to a new report, the reality star is beginning to have her doubts as far as the relationship is concerned, and it’s not so much to do with Tristan, actually.

According to Hollywood Life, Khloe Kardashian has had her guard up when it came to the dating scene, unsure of whether she was ever able to fully move on from the devastation that became her marriage to Lamar Odom.

It was infamously revealed that Odom had not only betrayed Khloe with his drug addiction, he had also cheated on her with multiple partners throughout their marriage. The biggest shocker came when Lamar allegedly confessed to binging on drugs and having unprotected sex with strangers at a rental apartment.

The hurt and pain Khloe Kardashian felt when she finally settled with a divorce plan is unreal, yet she still managed to loosen up enough to give the relationship with Tristan Thompson a try — and that’s despite their seven-year age difference.

Khloe feels safe and happy whenever she’s around Thompson, who she has fully supported with the majority of his NBA games out in Cleveland. She’s been traveling back and forth to support her man, and she’s overall really happy to be planning a future with Tristan.

However, according to Hollywood Life, Khloe can’t help but think about the past — how men have treated her in previous relationships, which often has her wondering whether Tristan could potentially follow in their footsteps and hurt her.

“Tristan’s capable of having a relationship with Khloe while he’s traveling in the NBA, but one thing he isn’t down with is her keeping close tabs on him while they’re apart. He’s not Lamar [Odom]. He’s not James [Harden],” a source tells the outlet.

“His name is Tristan and he really needs her to woman-up and be secure in their relationship and trust him. He’s been honest with her from the jump and hasn’t done anything to prove to her he’s not the man he’s presented to her. He’s not really interested, nor can he handle any drama in his life right now.”

According to reports, there had been talks about the twosome even starting a family together after they’ve tied the knot. To say that this relationship is the real deal would be an understatement, as Khloe has made it known to her family that she definitely sees a future with Thompson.

With that said, the Cavaliers basketball player is concerned that the romance could potentially crumble over Khloe’s insecurities.

As the source already mentions, Tristan has been very open with the TV star about his past — especially with the fact that he’s currently expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend, Jordy, whom he broke up with before even finding out that she was pregnant.

“Tristan’s trying to win another championship and that, in addition to Khloe, are his main priorities. He really hopes LeBron doesn’t prove him right in saying that Khloe will be problematic in the long run,” the insider concluded.

It’s no secret that certain Cleveland Cavaliers players have shown their concerns for Tristan’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian, Complex alleges, but according to reports, the team is supporting their teammate either way.

They’re more or less giving the relationship the benefit of the doubt, as long as a potential breakup between the two doesn’t end up affecting the team’s chances of winning another championship.

But what do you think? Will Khloe Kardashian ever be able to loosen up and be herself after all the pain she’s faced?

[Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for A+E Networks]