15-Year-Old Grandson Of U.S. Congressman Gunned Down Over Gym Shoes

The 15-year-old grandson of a U.S. congressman was murdered in Chicago over gym shoes, the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

Jovan Wilson, the grandson of Illinois U.S. Rep. Danny Davis was shot and killed in an Englewood neighborhood when two assailants broke into his home. According to reports, a 15-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl forced their way into his house. The 15-year-old boy allegedly pulled a gun out and shot him in the head after a heated argument. Jovan’s parents were not at home, but his uncle and three siblings were at the residence when the incident occurred.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department revealed that it was not a random act of violence, adding that the parties knew each other. The spokesman said it was simply senseless to use a firearm to settle a dispute over shoes.

“There was a history between the young people involved and it was a dispute over gym shoes. This was not random but was egregious and senseless to use a gun over a fight for shoes.”


According to Davis, Jovan was a high school sophomore who just recently turned a corner and started taking his studies seriously. His grades had improved in school when he realized that he had plenty to look forward to in life.

“His father had just told me about how proud of him that he was because he was catching on and realizing that all of his life was in front of him.”

Davis, who was re-elected this month to an 11th term in the Seventh Congressional District, said the fact that a 15-year-old could get a gun and shoot somebody again underscored the gun violence problem of Chicago. In the first eight months of this year, deaths by gun violence have already surpassed the whole of 2015.


By September, over 487 people had been killed since January, compared to 468 people that were killed all through last year. The month of August was an exceptionally violent month, the highest in 20 years. Over 400 people were shot. The 78 people that were killed came close to the homicidal record of 79 deaths in October 1997.

Davis, who described his teen grandson as a “typical 15-year-old” who loved music and basketball, added that Jovan could recall the stats of different players from the top of the head. He said he mourned with his family and also grieved for the family of the teen that had pulled the trigger. When asked why, he said because some of them would never set their eyes on him again when he was eventually caught and sentenced.

Congressman Davis said he was in the office when his son called him to break the terrible news. He had hoped that his teen grandson had only been shot and would soon recover. When he arrived at the scene, he found out that it was a fatal shooting.


Davis said the crime problem in Chicago needed to be addressed. He talked about rehabilitating the people with the tendency to commit these gun crimes and finding a way for them to heal and deal with their difficulties. He also brought to the fore the importance of investing in employment opportunities and taking idle people off the streets.

In August, Arshell Dennis, a proactive college student and child of a Chicago police officer, was killed on the Southwest Side. He was 19-years-old. Around two weeks later, Nykea Aldridge, cousin to Chicago Bulls star, Dwyane Wade was fatally shot as she pushed her child in a stroller.


Two juvenile suspects have been apprehended and taking into custody for the slaying of Jovan Wilson. Gyglielmi revealed that “first-degree murder charges are expected.”

Spokeswoman Michelle Tannehill said “detectives are with them and charges are expected, but we don’t have their ages or genders until the charges are approved.”

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