'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Spoilers: Leaked Episodes Reveal Whether Daya Shoots Prison Guard Humphrey

Orange Is the New Black got some unexpected spoilers this weekend when the first 10 episodes were leaked to the internet, revealing to fans what happens in the wake of the riot and whether Daya pulls the trigger on the guard she's holding at gunpoint.

Although the fifth season of the popular Netflix drama wasn't supposed to be released until early June, the episodes found their way to torrent networks early on Saturday after a hacker group released them when Netflix refused to pay a ransom. As Gizmodo reported, the group tried to squeeze the streaming video giant out of a big payday and then released Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black after the talks went nowhere.

"TheDarkOverlord has claimed responsibility for the leak," the report noted. "Speaking with TorrentFreak, the hacking group claims that a post-production company engaged in negotiations to prevent the release of one of its most high-profile shows months ahead of schedule. Payment never materialized and the group made good on its threats."

While fans of the show have been debating the ethics of seeking out and watching the leaked Orange Is the New Black episodes, many sites are already listing the spoilers revealed through the 10 episodes currently available online.

With the first 10 episode of Orange Is the New Black leaked to the internet, many fans couldn't resist giving them an early (though not entirely legal) look and learning some of the major OITNB spoilers for the upcoming season. On the Orange Is the New Black site on Reddit, there are already discussion threads for each of the 10 leaked episodes.

As fans will remember, Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black ended with a riot in the wake of Poussey's death, and the season finale ended with prison guard Humphrey's gun in Daya's hands. She raised the gun to his head, and the season ended with the sound of a gunshot.

WARNING: Some major Orange Is the New Black spoilers ahead.

In the first scene from Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black, it's revealed that the shot went into the prison wall as Daya tried to quiet the rowdy prisoners around her. Humphrey then tried to plead with Daya, telling her a story in Spanish about how he collected frogs as a child.

But Daya again pulled the trigger, this time shooting Humphrey in the leg.

"I don't f***ing speak Spanish," Daya yelled to him.

The prisoners then debated whether they should kill Humphrey, but ultimately decided to keep him alive for the time being -- though he is losing blood quickly and losing consciousness.

There could be some difficulty in trying to glean too many spoilers from the leaked episodes of Orange Is the New Black. As a report from Bustle noted, there have only been a handful of episodes leaked, so viewers accustomed to binge watching on the weekend the show is first released won't be able to.

"There's also the matter that, if the reports are to be believed, not every episode of Orange Is The New Black has reportedly even been leaked," the report added. "And even if you were to go forth and dive into the episodes which have reportedly been uploaded online, you're also going to have to stop three episodes prior to the end of the season, which still leaves you with the same problem you have now: wanting to know what happens next and having to wait for it."

As a moderator of Reddit's Orange Is the New Black site also noted, the leaked episodes are lacking in the production quality of the finished Netflix product.

"Wait for the official release," the fan warned. "The post-production audio is not complete. Visually, it appears to be color corrected and complete. Seriously, I know some of you will want to find it, but it's not the product the team wants to release."

So even with the leaked episodes hitting the internet, the full Orange Is the New Black spoilers won't be known for another eight weeks or so. Fans who want to check out some more Orange Is the New Black spoilers taken from cast interviews and not from the leaked episodes can check out a report from Cheat Sheet that gives some details.

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