Prince Harry: Alleged Vegas Party Pal, Carrie Reichert, Claims British Secret Service Was Behind Her Jail Stay

Prince Harry’s Las Vegas model pal is claiming that the British Secret Service tossed her in jail for a month, just hours after the gave an interview about her alleged romp with the Royal. Carrie Reichert, 40, maintains that the agency demanded she be sent to jail for bouncing checks in an effort to keep her quiet about the prince’s Sin City antics.

The California model turned beautician was the only woman to speak publicly about Harry’s naked partying in Las Vegas, according to the Daily Mail. The check bouncing warrant executed against Reichert was issued in 2004.

The day after her tell-all interview about the Royal was published, Carrie found herself in handcuffs. The woman spent nearly a month inside a Harrison County jail in Mississippi. The divorcee was at the San Diego airport to depart for a trip to Mexico when police officers into custody.

Reichert had this to say about the British Secret Service and her Prince Harry interview:

“I believe the British secret service or whoever protects the Royals have something to do with my situation. I am not being treated the same as someone else in my situation.”

During her interview about the Vegas suite party where the now famous naked photos were taken, Carrie Reichert claims she spent 20 minutes alone with the prince and claims she kissed the man second in line for the British throne, according to the Mirror.

The former model’s attorney, Donald Rafferty, is investing the alleged role the British Secret Service may have played in the check bouncing arrest. Rafferty maintains his client feels that she is being treated differently than others, presumably charged with the same crime. She allegedly wrote four bad checks totaling $21,672 back in 2003. Carrie denies the charges levied against her, claiming the bounced checks stem from a failed business venture.