Indiana Mother Charged With Two Counts Of Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Children So Father Couldn’t Take Them Amid Divorce

An Indiana mother is being charged with two counts of murder after she allegedly stabbed her children so the father couldn’t take them amid a divorce. The Montgomery woman allegedly admitted to the crime and even told police that she “wanted to die with them,” The Indy Channel reports.

Around 4:40 a.m. on Thursday, Brandi Worley, 30, called 911 and told them that she had stabbed her two children.

“I just stabbed myself and killed my two children.”

When the police arrived, the two children, Tyler Worley, 7, and Charlee Worley, 3, had deep lacerations to the necks.


Allegedly, Brandi later admitted to the police that she killed her two children amid a divorce because she didn’t want him to take them from her.

“I just wanted to die with them.”

Sheriff Casteel did say that autopsies were scheduled for Friday morning, but did not provide any further details due to the ongoing investigation.

Brandi had a stab wound on her neck and was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for treatment. Police revealed that upon her release from the hospital, she will officially be charged with two counts of murder.

Sheriff Casteel made an emotional statement during a press conference.

“I can’t imagine the pain and the grief that these families are experiencing this morning. Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.”

Furthermore, Casteel revealed that the father of the children was at home during the crime, but was asleep in the basement when it happened.

“The children’s father was at home. However, he was in the basement. he was asleep and unaware that these crimes have been committed.”

He expects further details to be revealed following the completion of the investigation.

See the full conference call with Sheriff Casteel.

According to court documents, Jason Worley, the children’s father, filed for divorce on Wednesday. Within the divorce, it mentioned that the two have been married since August 2009, and the reason for divorce was listed as “irretrievable breakdown.”

Furthermore, Jason requested custody of the children, as well as visitation and child support benefits.

According to police, prior to this call, there have not been any police calls to this residence.

Seth Stultz, a local pastor, told WTHR 13 that he is asking for prayers for the family.

“We just want to pray for the family…that’s what’s important. Just really kind of disbelief and shock and obviously lots of questions, wanting to know why. Try to understand it. Small town like this, I don’t think anybody – whether you’re in a big city or small town, I believe nobody wants to go through this. Take an opportunity to hug your children. Not just your children, your mom, your dad, you know…brothers and sisters, you need to make the most out of every opportunity you have.”

Superintendent Dr. Colleen Moran sent out letters to school district families. Tyler Worley was a student at Sugar Creek Elementary.

“Dear North Montgomery Families:

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the sudden loss of Tyler and Charlee Worley. Tyler, age 7, was a student at Sugar Creek Elementary and Charlee, age 3, was not yet enrolled. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirmed this information at 10:00 am.

Today a support team including administrators, counselors, the school resource officer and teachers have been working to provide counseling and support for students.
Your student may arrive home this afternoon with questions and worries about these losses. You can help by simply talking, listening and reassuring them. We do not always know how a student will be affected by such tragedies, but you know your child better than anyone. Please be prepared for your student to do any of the following:
• Claim not to be affected
• Ask a lot of questions
• Act agitated, angry and quick to blame
• Try abnormally hard to be good
• Be withdrawn
• Have bad dreams
Any new loss can bring to the surface past feelings of grief. Even if students do not know the children involved with this situation, it can still bring up past feelings, grief, sadness, anger, etc. We know that grief is ongoing and does not affect any two people in exactly the same way. Please be extra vigilant and attentive to students’ needs. Do not leave grieving children alone. We will do the same at school.

The North Montgomery Schools family extends our heartfelt sympathy to this family. If you have concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school if you need assistance.

Thank you for your support of our students,

Dr. Colleen Moran

This story is still developing. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

[Featured Image by Rex Wholster/AP Images]