Steve Harvey's Alleged Racist Rant Caught On Tape: 'I Hate Whites'

Steve Harvey has allegedly been busted on tape in a shocking racist rant that could totally destroy his family-friendly, nice-guy image. The Family Feud host has been slammed with a lawsuit for spewing hateful words against white people.

steve harvey racist rant
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Radar Online reported that a two-month investigation uncovered a former employee of Steve Harvey's who claimed that he has recordings of the Family Feud host going on insane racist rants.

Joseph Cooper told reporters that Harvey urged fans to "spit on white people" and "go assault old white women."

"I don't give a s**t about America!"

Steve Harvey allegedly filed a lawsuit against Cooper, accusing him of using the recordings to "extort" him for $5 million.

Court papers were obtained that reveal Joseph Cooper tried to sell the old recordings of the television host's comedy routines, made more than 20 years ago, because of the sensitive material they contained.

"Mr. Cooper has initiated a campaign to essentially extort me, coerce me and embarrass me as I started to build my entertainment career."

Steve Harvey's lawyers claimed that basically every time Harvey was hired for a television show, Cooper would contact executives to inform them about the embarrassing, racist recordings he possessed.

"Virtually every time Harvey was hired for a television show [Cooper] would contact the owners or principals to inform them of potentially embarrassing material and or tapes and attempt to have them influence Harvey to pay for the tapes."

Joseph Cooper is fully aware of the sensitive information he has obtained and has insisted the world needs to know about the explosive audio tapes. Cooper has blasted the television host as "the worst person that's ever been on television."

"[Cooper] has repetitively communicated to Harvey how sensitive [he] believes these tapes are and how release and publication of the tapes could adversely affect Harvey's career."

Cooper apparently recorded over 120 hours worth of material after he was hired by Harvey in March of 1993 to videotape a comedy act at the Steve Harvey Comedy Club in Dallas, Texas.

Steve Harvey performed stand-up for the last time on August 2, 2012. Since then, Harvey has built a vast empire for himself worth over $100 million. Back in 2014, Cooper sued Harvey for $20 million.

Court documents obtained by the deposition revealed that Harvey admitted the tapes contained material that was "a lot edgier" that the family-friendly jokes he tells now.

"I didn't have to concern myself with branding or imaging or anything. You could just say - I thought I was funnier."




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Steve Harvey was allegedly caught on these tape recordings complaining about only having "30 minutes to tell how I hate whites!"

These tape recordings are not the first scandal that the Family Feud host has been caught in the middle of. After his on-air goof when he crowned the wrong Miss Universe in December of 2015, his shady past began rising to the surface.

steve harvey racist rant caught on tape
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Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary had previously accused him of serial cheating, child abuse, and even bigamy.

Deadline reports that NBC will be shopping Steve Harvey's new show to other networks as well. Shows with this magnitude of success typically have an initial pick-up of two years. However, with the news of Harvey's alleged racist rants, will this hurt the host's chances of getting picked up by another network?

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