Paul Ryan Shirtless: More People Searching Google For VP Candidate’s Topless Photo Than His Budget Plan

“Paul Ryan shirtless” has been big on Google for a long time.

Just how big? A new analysis found that more people are searching for “Paul Ryan shirtless” than they are for the deficit-reducing budget plan the GOP vice presidential candidate crafted, The Huffington Post reported.

The discovery came from The New York Times‘ Campaign Stops blog, where writer Seth Stephens-Davidowitz found the discrepancy between searches to be large — “Paul Ryan shirtless” is searched for nine times more often than “Paul Ryan budget.”

Paul Ryan’s abs may be serious, but so is his proposal for America. As a Wisconsin Congressman and chair of the House Budget Committee, Ryan crafted a 98-page budget plan that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and take other measures to cut back on entitlement programs. Though the plan was heralded by Democrats as unrealistic and its cuts drastic, Paul Ryan was nonetheless praised for offering a concrete plan when others have been afraid to put forth specifics.

The plan may be serious, but that hasn’t stopped people from caring more about the Congressman’s physique. The disparity between “Paul Ryan shirtless” and “Paul Ryan budget” has been larger and smaller at times. Building off of Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s analysis for The New York Times, a search of Google trends found an even larger gap — the “Paul Ryan shirtless” search actually outnumbered searches for “Paul Ryan budget” 100 to one in its analysis.

Another interesting find from Stephens-Davidowitz — “Paul Ryan shirtless” searches come most often from states that lean Democratic.

(Photo: TMZ)