Willow Smith Writes New Song, ‘November 9th,’ As A Haunting Tribute To Post-Election Anger And Angst [Video]

Willow Smith, like many Americans, is apparently still struggling to come to terms with the results of last week’s general election. Rather than turn her disappointment outward in the form of protests, like many have done in the days since Donald Trump pulled off an unexpected victory, Willow turned inward and let her muse become her therapy, reports Billboard.

The result? A hauntingly beautiful new song that Willow says she wrote on Election Day. Titled “November 9th,” the melodic track speaks directly to the females that may be dealing with “sadness and anger” following Hillary Clinton’s historic Electoral College loss on November 8.

Willow Smith posted the song to her Soundcloud account on November 13, and rather than stoke negative feelings, Willow’s track appears to be an attempt to soothe emotional wounds and move toward unity and healing.

When she posted her new song on Soundcloud, Willow Smith added a positive, loving caption for all of her fans.

“I wrote this song on the day of the election. Peace and revelations to all!”

Check out Willow Smith’s “November 9.”

“November 9th” is surprisingly sophisticated for a 16-year-old girl to have penned. Particularly when, according to Willow, she wrote the ballad in less than a day, likely when the election results became apparent to anyone watching the numbers roll in on election night. The words are uplifting, but the melody evokes sadness and disappointment, and even as the lyrics speak of anger, Willow manages to avoid striking that tone with her short, provocative, post-election track.

“Baby girl I know you’re tired, don’t let the world put out your fire.

“Take my hand and you will see, sadness and anger aren’t everything.”

While Willow Smith didn’t specifically mention Hillary or President-elect Trump in her lullaby-like new single, the teen was an unapologetic anti-Trump Hillary Clinton supporter throughout the election cycle. While too young to vote, Willow used her social media prowess to share her political message far and wide in the days and weeks leading up to the election.

As Hollywood Life reports, Willow Smith used her Instagram account to share her displeasure over the idea of a POTUS Trump, sharing pics and her opinion on the U.S. election.

Open Them Wide // RP

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Willow also used her social media status to promote “November 9th,” which (despite being relatively short) is already being hailed as an evocative and lovely piece of post-election art.

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Willow Smith’s foray into the election cycle (both before and after Election Day) isn’t the only time in recent history that the 16-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has gotten involved in political activism. Just last months, Willow and her 18-year-old brother Jaden jumped into the fray surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

The influential pair of celebrity teens got involved in the protests surrounding the pipeline both online with the #NoDAPL movement and offline at a Los Angeles-area anti-DAPL rally. Before she showed up to protest the controversial pipeline in person, Willow Smith began her personal protest by sharing a meme to Instagram.

#nodapl //

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When she put feet to the ground to protest the DAPL, Willow Smith was joined on the street by big brother Jaden. That time around, she also used her beautiful voice to make her opinion known, but in the form of a protest chant, not a new song.

Can't drink oil <#NODAPL>

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As Willow Smith and the nation continue to struggle with its new, post-election reality, massive protests and acts of hate-related violence are quickly becoming the new normal. As the Washington Post reports, anti-Trump protesters have said that what’s happened over the past week is “just a taste of things to come.”

“They’re angry. They’re afraid. They’re upset that Donald Trump is going to be their next president.”

In the midst of the fear and anger, many social media users and Willow Smith fans are stoked that the young actress, model, singer, and activist has given them something positive to turn as they attempt to look away from the overwhelming negativity.

“Little rock up in the sky, just know we’re sick and asking why.”

What do you think? Does Willow Smith’s post-election song strike the right tone? Is it an appropriate response to a highly contentious election cycle? Do you think that celebrity teens like Willow Smith have a place in American politics?

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