Alleged Minnesota Drunk Driver Blames Donald Trump For Car Crash, Police Say

Robert Jonathan

A motorist in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area reportedly told cops that Donald Trump's presidential win was to blame for an alleged drunk-driving-related, three-car accident that occurred on the evening after Election Day.

The Lino Likes Police Department in the suburban Twin Cities region posted the following information on its Facebook page.

"We heard a new excuse for driving over 4 times the legal limit and hitting two vehicles at a stop light Wednesday afternoon. The driver said, 'I am upset over the outcome of the election and you should let me go home.' It didn't work; the driver was arrested and booked for 3rd Degree DWI. Thank God injuries were minor."

Added the Star Tribune about the woman may or not have been driven to drink by President-elect Donald Trump: "Despite Lundberg's slurred speech and failing to spell her name for police, according to the charges, she was able to articulate the motivation for her intoxication."

She added that "I did not shed a tear when he was elected... I'm not really into politics, frankly." She also expressed surprise that cops would mention the Donald Trump excuse on Facebook and Twitter.

Cops described the chain-reaction accident as a significant crash that required the deployment of airbags.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident.

"Police say Lundberg's speech was badly slurred, her eyes watery and bloodshot, and she seemed confused. She was argumentative, failed field sobriety tests and was taken to the Lino Lakes police station. While attempting to give a breath sample, she reportedly lost her balance, grabbed the breath testing machine and broke it."

Among the 66 comments (so far) left at the Lino Lakes PD Facebook page, at least one user felt that the cops should have refrained from publicly highlighting the bust on social media.

"It's very unprofessional for a policeman/woman to talk about the people they are arresting to the general public. What was put more into question was why a policeman/woman would quote someone who is clearly incapable of articulating herself let alone stand. The woman was very regretful and admitted how horrible it was of her to drink and drive. She said she is not a political person and was being sarcastic with the Trump comment and saying they should let her go-- not funny, but she was drunk…. Another perfect example of how the media wastes time and distracts the public from the real news around the world and local."

Leaving aside this particular incident, many people across the country (if not around the world) are having a difficult time coming to grips with the electoral college landslide victory of Donald Trump in the November 8 presidential election in part because as it came as a big surprise to the poll-obsessed news media.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]