‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’: Every Question We Need Answered In The Season 6 Finale

Only one episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke remains, yet there are still a lot of mysteries that Ryan Murphy and company haven’t sorted out. What are some of the questions that still need to be answered in the Season 6 finale?

Going into the season finale, one of the biggest mysteries surrounds Lee’s actions this season and her ultimate fate. According to TV Guide, the penultimate installment featured Lee eating a pig heart and becoming just like the Butcher. But has Lee been under Scathach’s influence at other times this season, like when she killed Mason in My Roanoke Nightmare?

Speaking of Mason’s murder, iDigital Times reports that Asylum reporter Lana Winters will sit down with Lee in the finale. It isn’t clear what Lee will reveal in the interview, but she is facing a trial for supposedly murdering her husband. Will Lee end up in prison for Mason’s murder? And is she still under Scathach’s control?

According to Den of Geek, Lana is a perfect character to interview Lee following the events during Return to Roanoke. As fans will recall, Lana suffered a lot of horrible things at Briarcliff by the hands of Sister Jude. If anyone can get the truth out of Lee, it’s Lana.


Lana, played by Sarah Paulson, was the lead character in Asylum. Sister Jude, according to Fan Sided, locked Lana away at Briarcliff to keep her silent. Although she eventually escaped to resume her career in journalism, Lana was terrorized by Dr. Oliver Thredson throughout her confinement.

As far as Lee is concerned, there is the possibility that she is still possessed by the witch of the woods even after her trial. Not only would this open the door for additional murders, but it would also absolve Lee from Mason’s murder. After all, she can’t be held accountable for killing someone while under Scathach’s control.

Mason wasn’t the only character murdered this season. In fact, there have been so many deaths during the Blood Moon that fans are left wondering why there haven’t been more ghosts appearing in the house. We’ve only seen Diana and Mason return, but what about the others?

Will Cricket, Elias, Rory, Matt, Dominic, Agnes, Shelby, and Sidney reappear as apparitions in the finale?

'American Horror Story' Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Talks Insane Twist In Season 6, Teases Season 7 Freak Show Tie-In [Featured Image by FX]
Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Shelby (Sarah Paulson) [Image by FX]

Also, what’s the deal with Priscilla? The ghost was friendly throughout My Roanoke Nightmare and even tried to prevent Flora’s death. She also helped Matt and Shelby find the video of Elias and isn’t on good terms with the Butcher. Will Murphy explain why she was so benevolent?

When it comes to missing characters, AHS fan favorite Matt Bomer has not made a single appearance this season. Bomer already confirmed his involvement in Roanoke, so it’s fairly certain that he will make a cameo in the finale. Who will Bomer pop up in Roanoke’s final outing?

With the setting moving from the house to the courtroom, it seems logical to expect Bomer to appear as part of a legal team. He might portray Lee’s lawyer or even the judge. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. Considering all the twists and turns Murphy has thrown at us so far, there’s not telling who Bomer will end up playing.

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Lady Gaga’s Scathach [Image by FX]

Aside from the bigger questions, there are still a lot of small mysteries that Murphy needs to clean up in the American Horror Story finale. This includes the true identity of Rhett Snow and the various camera angles in the Polk house.

Rhett was Cricket and Dylan’s Uber driver just before their deaths. He also shares the same last name with Myrtle Snow, another witch from Coven. Is he somehow connected to Myrtle? And does he know more about the ghosts than anyone initially suspected?

It’s clear that Sydney placed all kinds of cameras in the Shaker mansion, but what about the ones in the Polk house? Surely, the Polk’s didn’t allow the filmmaker to deck out their home with cameras, especially given their plans to torture Lee. Who put those cameras in place and why?

What about the Polks’ grand scheme to continue their family tree? The family clearly practices incest, yet how did they plan on expanding their family without any females? Mama Polk is the only female left, which begs the question what will happen once she’s gone and there aren’t any daughters to carry on the line?

Lastly, what is going on with Scathach? We already know that she was the original Supreme, but that fact doesn’t fit with what we learned in Coven. As outlined in Coven, there can only be one Supreme alive at any given time. Scathach was still alive in North Carolina while Fiona Goode was named Supreme in New Orleans. Is Scathach exempt from the tradition since she is the original Supreme? Or perhaps she is a ghost?

Fans can find out the answers to these questions and more when the finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesday night on FX, check out a preview below.

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