Apollo Nida’s Fiancé Hints They Met Years Ago: Did Apollo Cheat On Phaedra After Dylan Was Born?

Apollo Nida has been serving his time at the Fort Dix prison facility in New Jersey since October 2014. In other words, Nida has served just over two years of the eight-year sentence he received for running fraudulent businesses and using false identities to make money. When his wife, Phaedra Parks, learned of his business dealings, she was quick to question his loyalty to his family. Their troublesome marriage was showcased on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Parks was worried for her safety, as well as her children’s safety.

According to a new Instagram, Apollo Nida had been keeping somewhat quiet until he announced that he was engaged. A few weeks ago, Phaedra announced that her divorce from Apollo had been finalized as Georgia’s divorce law stated that she could legally file for divorce and have it granted if her husband had served more than two years. That two years passed this October, and she announced her divorce was final.

Surprisingly, Nida is engaged to a woman named Sherien Almufti. And while some people are happy for Apollo that he has been able to move on from Phaedra, Sherien is already spilling some tea on her social media accounts. Just days after announcing their engagement, she shared a post that made folks wonder if Apollo Nida had been cheating.

“That’s the thing about destiny, people meet at the worst time of their lives……..#SummerThirteen,” she revealed on Instagram, sharing that she was happy about her engagement to Apollo Nida and then using the hashtag “summer thirteen.”


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It sounds like she’s sharing that they met in the summer of 2013, which was a whole year and three months before he was locked up. This was the same summer that his second son with Phaedra Parks, Dylan, was born. During The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Apollo was very vocal about his wife possibly cheating on him with someone named Chocolate. However, it sounds like Nida himself might have been playing around with another woman – the woman he’s now engaged to. If it wasn’t for this hashtag, it sounds like he might have been able to hide the affair. But fans quickly noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

“Funny how people are assuming that Phaedra is so innocent and real and they just want Apollo to suffer. If she supposedly left him then let this man be happy with his new upgrade,” one person wrote in defense of Nida and his newfound love, but most people were very vocal about Nida being a cheater and his future wife being desperate for attention.

“Your last man obviously upgraded and left your tired bitter crusty sorry a*s. Better luck with the next one,” one person wrote to Nida’s new woman, while others wrote, “never believe a man in prison.. I bet he dog you out annnnnnd believe me they way you got him is the way you lose him. Good Luck!!” “Baby this b*tch,” said summer 13! “He was good and married and had a newborn in summer 13!,” and added, “Wow!! This is the height of desperation. A con man in prison??? Girls we can do better. Hold yourself to a standard and the best will come to you. Why this???”

It doesn’t sound like Apollo isn’t getting the support he had hoped for when he announced this joyous news earlier this week. What do you think of Apollo Nida possibly having cheated on Phaedra with his future wife shortly after Dylan was born? Does this change your mind about the situation?

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