Teresa Giudice’s Crime: How ‘RHONJ’ Is A Game Of Chess For Giudice After Jail Time

Teresa Giudice decided to come back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey even though she was dealing with some big issues in her personal life. Teresa had just been released from prison when she started filming the show and her arrival home was captured on camera for the season’s premiere episode. But it didn’t take long for things to get dramatic, as Giudice got an unsolicited visit from Jacqueline Laurita who wanted to work on their friendship. While Teresa was locked up behind bars, she learned that things had been happening behind the scenes and she wasn’t happy about it.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice learned that Jacqueline may have been talking about her behind her back, so when she showed up at her home, Giudice may have been skeptical about what her former friend wanted from her. But Teresa didn’t let Jacqueline control this season of the show, as she got something positive out of it. Even though Giudice came home from prison and had to say goodbye to her husband, who was sentenced to serve just over three years, she is happy that she’s been able to work things out with her brother and his wife, Melissa Gorga.

“Obviously, being reunited with my family in the first episode after being away for almost a year was AMAZING. I cry every time I re-watch it. If you listen closely as I am getting out of the car and walking from the garage into the house, you can hear my heart beating so loud, it sounds like it is going to jump through my chest,” Teresa Giudice explains in her Bravo blog, sharing that it was awesome to return home from her time away at the Danbury Correctional Facility.

While Giudice’s friendship with Jacqueline didn’t work out as she had initially hoped, Teresa is happy that she’s now friendly with her sister-in-law again. It’s no secret that Teresa and Melissa haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, so it is admirable that they could put aside their issues to focus on their large family, as Joe Giudice was locked up to serve for his crimes.


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“I am very happy that my brother and I were able to repair our relationship and that Melissa and I were able to leave the past in the past and start fresh. This is my family, and nothing or no one will ever break us apart, no matter how hard they try,” Teresa Giudice explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she’s thankful that both Joe and Melissa are there for her and her daughters, especially during the time she had with Joe as he turned himself in.

But just because Teresa has seen some positive things on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey doesn’t mean that it has been all positive. Giudice reveals that lots of things happen in New Jersey behind the scenes that don’t make it onto the show. She could be referring to Laurita’s friendship with Kim DePaola and the people that Laurita supposedly talked to around the time that Teresa was investigated by the IRS.

“You see, one of the things about being a Housewife, and a New Jersey Housewife in particular, is that most of the drama seems to happen behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t around. Someone once described being a Housewife to me as being one big chess game, and in many ways, I guess it is for some people, but not for me,” Teresa Giudice points out in her blog, sharing that the show is like filming a game of chess.

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