Joe Giudice Keeping His Distance From Apollo Nida: He Has Everything To Lose

Joe Giudice is currently serving his three-year sentence at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Teresa Giudice has revealed that her husband is doing well behind bars and that they are often talking to one another. One can imagine they are counting down the days until he’s out of jail.

But once he’s released, Joe has to worry about a possible deportation. It’s no secret that the judge may deport Giudice to his native Italy because he never applied to become a citizen of the United States. And this possible deportation could be linked to how he behaves in jail.

According to a new Radar Online report, Joe Giudice is now staying away from Apollo Nida, who is serving time in the same prison. Apollo was sentenced to eight years behind bars for fraud and identity theft. Nida was transferred to Fort Dix after he acted out in the jail in Kentucky, and officials felt that he needed to be transferred to a maximum security jail. These days, Joe is staying far away from this reality star so he doesn’t get into trouble.

“Joe is trying to lay low so he doesn’t get into any more trouble,” a prison insider has revealed about Joe Giudice, who was forced into maximum security when he turned himself in because he was intoxicated. “He knows it is best that he stay away from Apollo.”

Of course, Nida has already gotten himself involved in various incidents, including trying to get a cell phone smuggled into the jail. He is infuriated that he was caught, so Apollo really started acting out. He started cutting in line when the inmates are waiting for food, and he also took someone’s place in line when waiting to use the microwave. He has also interrupted sacred recreation sessions. It is possible that he’s making all kinds of enemies behind bars.

“Apollo thinks he’s better than everyone else because he’s famous,” a source has revealed, adding, “Obviously, his behavior doesn’t win him any friends.”

One can imagine that Joe Giudice doesn’t want any enemies behind bars and just wants to follow the rules. Of course, Joe may not be pleased with the systems behind bars, where he has to listen to authority. But he may be able to follow the rules and listen to what is being said to him if it means he can with his family when he is released. Giudice has plenty to lose if he doesn’t behave, including his home in New Jersey and possibly his family. Nida may not have anything to lose, as Phaedra Parks has already started divorce proceedings.

The judge in the case hasn’t said anything about Giudice’s deportation since his sentencing, so it’s not like he’s going into a meeting once he’s released to see what the judge decides. Plus, there is the concept of him having served his time for the crime he has committed. It’s not like this is a case where he could be a danger to society. Plus, Teresa and Giudice have paid off their restitution, and they are doing everything to make the situation great again. At present, Teresa is at home, working on rebuilding her business empire. But she’s very excited that Joe is one day closer to getting home.

“I can’t wait for Joe to get home. He needs to help me,” Teresa has revealed about Joe Giudice, according to People magazine. “We all miss Joe tremendously. But I try to remind them, ‘Now that mommy is home, didn’t it go by fast? That’s how it’s going to be for daddy too.'”

What do you think of Joe Giudice staying out of trouble while serving time in jail? Do you think he will be able to stay away from Apollo Nida so he can avoid his possible deportation, or do you think Apollo will be selfish and get Joe involved in some trouble?

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