‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl’s Morse Code Message To Rick Decoded

The Walking Dead Season 7 has already delivered tons of twists and turns. The show has become known for its foreshadowing and Easter eggs, and fans are taking notice. Many viewers have started paying attention to the little things in the episodes in hopes of catching something big, and it may have finally happened.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Negan and The Saviors visited Alexandria for the first time. Of course, Negan brought his newest prisoner, Daryl, in hopes of really messing with Rick’s mind. Although Daryl didn’t utter one word throughout the entire episode, he spoke volumes to Rick through blinking a Morse Code message.

The theory, which originated on Reddit, revealed that Daryl was blinking in Morse Code in order to send Rick some sort of message. In addition, many viewers believe that Rick was using Negan’s bat, Lucille, which he was forced to hold, to tap back messages to Daryl. The theory gained steamed online, and now fans believe they’ve decoded Daryl’s secret message to Rick.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Daryl's Morse Code message to Rick decoded.
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According to Comic Book, there a few variations of Daryl’s alleged message during Sunday night’s extended 90-minute episode of The Walking Dead. One translation claims that Daryl was blinking the message “I, E, A, S, T.” This could mean that he was trying to tell Rick about something East of Alexandria or East of the Hilltop. Another translation alleges that Daryl was saying “six miles East,” which could mean that Daryl knows about The Kingdom, and is telling Rick where to find Ezekiel and his people. This message could lead to Rick and Ezekiel meeting and joining forces, along with the people of the Hilltop, in order to fight against Negan’s rule.

Meanwhile, Rick seems completely fine with following Negan’s orders, at least for now. Rick has already lost so many people he’s loved. Most recently, two of his best friends, Glenn and Abraham, were killed at the hands of Negan. It seems that Rick is not about to let anyone else die on his watch. Although, Walking Dead viewers know that Rick is not one to let someone else tell him what to do. This could mean that he’s only submitting to Negan until he can figure out how to fight him off. Of course, Rick is going to let anyone else in on his plan in fear that it may be exposed to Negan and put everyone’s lives in jeopardy.

Sadly, it looks like Rick may not only have to worry about an attack from Negan, but from some of his own people. It was clear during last week’s episode of The Walking Dead that the people of Alexandria were not happy about Negan coming into their homes and rifling through their belongings. The group wanted to rebel against Negan, and although Rick talked them out of it, there could be some serious conflict in the near future. Spencer, in particular, seems to have a chip on his should about Rick’s recent decisions.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Negan kill Spencer in Season 7?
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As fans of The Walking Dead comic book series know, the character of Spencer decides that he would make a better leader for Alexandria, and asks Negan to kill Rick so that he can rise to power. Negan has no respect for Spencer’s request, calling him gutless before he slashes open his stomach. Spencer’s death is expected by many fans in Season 7, and some reports reveal it could happen as early as the mid-season finale next month.

Meanwhile, everyone wants to know if Rick and Daryl’s secret Morse Code messages will lead to anything big. Chances are they will. What do you think of that secret Walking Dead message being decoded?

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