Hello Games Employees Leaving 'No Man's Sky': Is Game Doomed?

Jovi Figueroa

No Man's Sky failed to deliver but players are holding on. But with reports that employees working on the project are starting to leave, is there still hope for No Man's Sky and Hello Games?

No Man's Sky launched to a very excited and enthusiastic gaming community, having promised a lot of rainbows and butterflies for the franchise. But upon release, a lot of players and critics have become dissatisfied with how much (or how little, to put it more correctly) No Man's Sky has to offer. In fact, it looks like it's not only the people who have purchased the game who are unhappy with No Man's Sky and its developer Hello Games.

— PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) August 15, 2016

— Derek Smart (@dsmart) November 10, 2016


It was also brought to the attention of many No Man's Sky followers that the game's producer and community manager seem to have already vacated their posts. Comparing how No Man's Sky's Contact Us page looked like last August 8 and how it is last October 7, user Caipirinha at the NeoGAF forums noted that the producer and the community manager have already moved on to work for other companies.

She has also noted how suspicious that No Man's Sky lead programmer Innes McKendrick has been so busy traveling to different countries on a conference tour while No Man's Sky has been continuously receiving backlash. Is it not a bit odd that the lead programmer is amiss in the middle of the supposedly huge patch that the No Man's Sky team is building?

While it is not so unusual for employees to move on after finishing a project, it's quite suspicious that key positions are vacated when a game is still due for some huge patch and updates. It's not like No Man's Sky is already a finished game right, with all the promises Hello Games is still dangling in front of us?

— Zeno Žokalj (@ZenoZokalj) November 16, 2016

No Man's Sky was a mistake.
The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well.

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) October 28, 2016

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) October 28, 2016

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) October 28, 2016

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