Angelina Jolie Reportedly Fears Brad's Future Girlfriend, Jealous By Thought Of Woman Introduced To Children?

Angelina Jolie is jealous by the thought of seeing Brad Pitt dating another woman, it's been reported.

The actress, who chose to file for divorce from the actor in September, reportedly can't contain her feelings when thinking about the fact that Brad will soon be seeing someone new, and it's already said to be bothering Angelina Jolie beyond belief.

In September, after filing for divorce, it was claimed that the Salt star couldn't see herself with Pitt anymore over trust issues, which allegedly led her to start a smear campaign against the actor — one that would boost her chances to attain full custody of their six children.

Allegations regarding child abuse and a drug addiction seemingly followed in the midst of announcing her divorce from Brad, which a rep for the father-of-six heavily denied, adding that it clearly seemed Angelina Jolie was behind the scandalous reports.

Whatever the case may have been, Angelina Jolie and Brad's relationship has been on thin ice, with sources saying they are only talking when it concerns their kids these days, but Angelina reportedly acknowledges that she handled the breakup horribly.

Now that months have gone by since her divorce filing, Angelina Jolie has actually gotten to the point where she now worries about finalizing the divorce because she knows that seeing Brad with another woman is going to break her heart, especially after having spent over a decade with him.

Having raised six children together, tied the knot, and practically lived their most precious time of their lives together, Angelina Jolie is allegedly beginning to realize that once Brad has moved on with a new woman, she's going to be shattered and won't know how to cope with it.

"Even though [Angelina Jolie] wanted the split, she's terrified Brad [Pitt] will move on and find love with someone new," a source tells Hollywood Life. "It's one of those she can't live with him, and she can't live without him, things. Brad and Angie had scorching chemistry and she just can't handle seeing him with another woman. She definitely gets very jealous."

Rumors claim that what's more worrying for Angelina Jolie is the thought of having another woman be introduced to her children once Brad starts dating again — she would never want her kids to find themselves in that sort of a situation.

At this point, however, it doesn't seem as if things are going to change. While it's unclear whether Brad Pitt would even be interested in giving the marriage another shot, it's said that the duo rarely speaks to one another because of the things that's been said about the actor in the press in recent months.

Brad was absolutely disgusted by the child abuse reports, as revealed by Us Weekly, which allegedly stemmed from Angelina Jolie, so the chances of reconciling with someone that has hurt him to the core is very unlikely.

It's said that Angelina Jolie recently purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in Los Feliz, California, which is just three miles away from Brad, and when connecting the story with the rumor that Angie can't let go of her estranged husband just yet, it would seem as if she's actively working on a reconciliation.

Do you think Angelina Jolie has another chance with Pitt after all that's been said and done?

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