Kim Kardashian Butt Reduction: Theory Claims Kardashian Faked Robbery To Quietly Undergo Surgery [Debunked]

A new theory claimed Kim Kardashian faked her Paris robbery to quietly undergo a gruesome butt reduction surgery, according to Elite Daily. The conspiracy theory said Kim’s Paris robbery was staged to allow her an opportunity to fly under the radar while obtaining and recovering from a butt reduction. Another theory alleged Kim K. wanted to capitalize off of her absence from the spotlight, as per Elite Daily.

Elite Daily noticed a difference in the size of Kim’s famous backside but attributes it to post-pregnancy weight loss.

“While it does look a lot smaller than back in the day — Kim K. could have just dropped a little more of the baby weight from her pregnancy with her second child with Kanye West.”

According to Elite Daily, fans have noticed an “indent” on Kim’s butt a number of times. Fans claimed it was from a botched butt job. However, Kim said that she suffers from psoriasis and has to get a cortisone shot to treat the skin condition. Kardashian’s dermatologist said that there would be a “one in a million” chance the shot would cause an indent, which is the reaction the KUWTK star had, according to Elite Daily.

The noticeable differences between the photos of Kim before Halloween and after Halloween are undeniable, according to the website Hollywood. However, Kim’s pants in the Princess Jasmine costume are looser and may be hiding some of her curves. Kim also looked thinner in the Halloween photos. Kim’s ribs are more pronounced than in any of her past selfies she used to post on Instagram, according to Hollywood. It’s also possible Kim lost weight due to the robbery ordeal.

Kim K. is said to be traumatized after she was robbed of $10 million dollars worth of jewelry at Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris, according to People. The television mogul jetted to Paris for a week of runway shows and to pay homage to all things couture in honor of the annual Paris Fashion Week.

Kim’s night made an unexpected turn when she was bound, gagged, and thrown into the bathtub after men dressed as police officers held her up at gunpoint. A list of expensive items was stolen from the Selfie author, including her upgraded, 20-carat diamond ring.

After the robbery, Kim K. was first photographed wearing no makeup, an oversized white hoodie, and lip gloss. Kim was out with close friend Jonathan Cheban getting frozen yogurt in Beverly Hills. Elite Daily questioned if Kim’s frozen yogurt appearance was staged. Kim was then seen sporting a black hoodie while supporting her husband Kanye West at his third L.A. concert.

Paris police chief Christian Sainte told Vanity Fair that “there is no doubt about the reality of the crime.”

Kim Kardashian Sues Over Claims She Faked Her Robbery

Kim filed a federal lawsuit against the website MediaTakeOut for three posts they featured in regard to the Kardashian jewelry heist in Paris. The website left many to question the details of Kim K’s robbery, TMZ reports. International Business Times revealed MediaTakeOut’s blog post suggests Kardashian “staged” her own robbery, allowed the robbers into her luxury hotel room, and “just committed a FEDERAL CRIME.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. [Image by Bryan Bedder/Stringer/Getty Images]

The website alleged the mother of two had a role in planning the heist in an attempt to fool her insurance company for a big payday.

Kim Kardashian has recently dropped a lawsuit against the popular celebrity gossip website. Lawyers who represent the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star indicated the pending legal drama was, “voluntarily dismissed, without prejudice, against defendants LLC and Fred Mwangaguhunga.”

Mwangaguhunga now empathizes with Kim, noting regardless of her celebrity status, she is a human being, a wife, and a mother who deserves to be believed.

“Kim Kardashian is not just a celebrity, she is a human being. She is a mother, she is a wife and she was a victim of a violent crime. She definitely did not deserve it and she deserved to be believed.”

“As with most celebrities, there is often a love hate relationship with MediaTakeOut… Sometimes, you are writing stories about people that are incredibly flattering and I think celebrities love to hear that. And often times, you are writing stories about celebrities that are not often flattering — and those days — they don’t really like it. I suspect that the Kardashians and Kanye fall into that.”

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Several weeks ago, during the early hours of the morning, the KUWTK star posted several images of herself on Facebook, only to remove them by the next afternoon, according to People. Kim has slowly been getting back to her normal routine.

On Thursday, Rob Kardashian welcomed his first child, Dream, with fiance Blac Chyna. In the delivery room was Kris Jenner along with Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni. Rob’s sisters congratulated the new dad on social media. Rob and Chyna left the hospital and are now home with Dream, according to E! News.

The KUWTK star has yet to speak out publicly about the Paris robbery. Kim has been laying low and spending a ton of time with her children, North and Saint West.

Do you notice a difference in Kim’s curves? Do you think Kim Kardashian had a butt reduction surgery during her social media hiatus? Sound off in the comment section below!

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