WWE News: The Undertaker Claims He’s Back, Update On Plans For Him Following ‘WWE Survivor Series?’

The Undertaker claimed he was back on the 900th episode of WWE SmackDown Live last night, and he could be getting ready for one huge final run with the WWE. He was part of the main event segment last night on SmackDown Live, which was his first appearance on the blue brand in three years. Keep in mind, however, Undertaker, along with Edge and others, made SmackDown into THE place to be if you were a WWE Superstar during the previous brand split.

You knew if you went to SmackDown, you could get the chance to prove you were as good as you thought you were. Some could not accomplish this while others managed to get the chances they deserved, even when management never thought to give them a look. It began with Paul Heyman running the show, and from then on, the show was made for those needing a chance. Thankfully WWE is keeping that spirit alive on the program now, and it could be that The Undertaker might end up helping with it.

Wrestling The Undertaker has been a tall task over the years because he rarely performs. Usually, he wrestles the top performers because that makes sense for him to do when he only works once or twice a year. The only person who was an up and comer to work with him was Bray Wyatt, but most of the others over the last few years have been top guys or at least a major name in the history of the business. So if The Undertaker is truly back, what is next for him?

Undertaker Team SmackDown

According to Cageside Seats, the plan, as of now, is for WWE SmackDown Live’s men’s team to lose due to either someone on the team or on the blue brand’s roster. While the Deadman clearly threatened great harm to the male performers if they lost to WWE RAW on Sunday, the plan is for him to live up to what he said. Basically, whoever is the one to cost the team a win would have a program with The Undertaker. It has been rumored that AJ Styles would take on The Undertaker at The Royal Rumble the last few days now.

While this is clearly a big deal due to the WWE World Title having to be on the line, it would be odd for AJ to cost his team the win due to him being the team captain and wanting to have a good entry on his resume. However, he would also make the most sense of anyone not to listen to the threat. He hasn’t spent a year in the WWE as of this point. While he has had great success since he arrived, he is still new to the WWE.

Three of Undertaker’s previous WrestleMania opponents are on the SmackDown Live team in Shane McMahon, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton. Dean Ambrose has also worked against Undertaker in the past. All four men know not to cross The Undertaker, or you may suffer consequences you couldn’t dream of. Meanwhile, AJ Styles has yet to have a meeting with the Deadman until last night.

The Undertaker

It makes sense for Undertaker to want to work with AJ Styles before he calls it a career. Styles may have different plans in place for him at WrestleMania 33, as does Undertaker. That said, this might be the only time we get to see these two work together. It would also go with the rumor of The Rumble match between the two considering AJ has to work a TLC match with Dean Ambrose at the PPV of the same name just a few weeks away. AJ would have to put his WWE World Title on the line then, and that means a match with Taker would have to be pushed back.

Obviously, The Undertaker might not need to work a match at TLC, and he could show up the night of the WWE TLC PPV to make it known he wants AJ Styles’ soul at The Royal Rumble once he beats Ambrose in their match. It would be a good way of handling things, and it would also allow for us to see a match that fans have wanted to see for some time. Whether or not it happens is up in the air, but we do know a big match is coming for the Deadman, and who better to give it to him than Styles?

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