‘RHOC’ Kelly Dodd On Whether She’s Still Friends With Meghan King Edmonds

Are Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds still friends? Some viewers began wondering that as Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired its final episodes and especially after parts one and two of the reunion show aired.

Meghan introduced Kelly to viewers and her co-stars as a friend early on this season. Yet as the season progressed, Meghan made no hesitation to express her disapproval when she disagreed with Kelly’s behavior and words, to both Kelly and the other women. In other instances, Meghan stayed silent as Kelly battled it out with the Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Heather Dubrow. On parts one and two of the reunion show, Meghan, who sat next to Kelly, at times stayed neutral, at times tried to help Kelly, and at other times made it clear through her facial expressions that she didn’t like what Kelly was saying.

On Monday night, as part two of the reunion show aired, Kelly responded to some viewers who left comments on a photo that she posted from the reunion show.


One viewer asked Kelly if she and Meghan are still friends. The viewer gave her opinion that Meghan was totally against her on the reunion show and that Meghan is two-faced. Kelly responded that Meghan now lives in St. Louis and that she doesn’t speak to her.

“candacep.83: Damn you & Meghan still friends?? It’s like she is totally against you on the reunion!! Such 2 faced ppl!”

“rhoc_kellyddodd: @candacep.83 she lives in St. Louis.. no I don’t speak with her.”

Clearly, Kelly and Meghan are not close. Whether they now don’t speak simply because they live far away from one another and are very busy with their own lives or because Kelly is mad at or disappointed in Meghan, or vice versa, Kelly didn’t say.

As part two of the reunion show aired, some viewers left comments on one of Meghan’s Instagram photos criticizing her for not defending Kelly more.

One viewer faulted Meghan for agreeing at times with what Shannon, Tamra and Heather said about Kelly. The viewer said that if she was Kelly, she would never be friends with or speak to Meghan again.

“jay_theorist: Those women push Kelly and Kelly is held to a standard and they are not. They are allowed to attack her?You as her friend did not support her you actually agreed with the other ladies. If I were Kelly I would never be your friend/speak to you. Disappointed.”

One viewer even accused Meghan of throwing shade at Kelly. The viewer wrote that Kelly has been a good friend to Meghan.

“sharon_reece: You’re not a friend to@rhoc_kellyddodd – you act like you’re trying to ‘help’ her in a nice way but really you’re against her and it’s all shade. I had to fast forward every time you talked. You’re not fooling anyway. Kelly is a good friend. @rhoc_kellyddodd”

Yet, there were also viewers who praised Meghan for staying rational, reasonable, and not taking sides just to take sides. One person wrote that Meghan’s poise highlighted Kelly’s unreasonable behavior and that it’s a wonder that they’re friends.

“sorrynameistaken_: Crazy to think you have become the most rational, reasonable adult-like lady on the. Couch. Your poise and dignity highlights Kelly’s lack of anything resembling class or restraint. I don’t see how you are friends.@meghankedmonds”

Another viewer also expressed disbelief that Meghan would want any association with Kelly.

“drblk86: @meghankedmonds you are such a kind person I just can’t understand how you would possibly even want to be associated with Kelly!!”

One viewer told Meghan to separate herself from Kelly. The viewer criticized those who expect Meghan to defend Kelly even when Kelly acts “vile.”

“donnajune: Oh sorry pushed send too soon. Please @meghankedmonds separate yourself from kelly. She’s the definition of a mean girl and you are way too good for her. I know you know it but you’re Sao sweet you won’t say. How people’s can expect you to defend her is beyond me. You can not defend vile…. Anyway…. Enjoy the last of your pregnancy and I hope you have a swift beautiful delivery????”

So far, Meghan King Edmonds has not responded to the criticism regarding her treatment of Kelly Dodd.


Early on in the season, Meghan, who is now currently nine months pregnant with her first child with husband Jim Edmonds, made it clear to Kelly that she was going to tell her when she was wrong. She told Kelly that she was wrong for how she behaved at the sushi dinner, during which Kelly yelled that Shannon Beador was a “c**t” and so infuriated Heather Dubrow that she stormed off from the dinner table due to Kelly’s “low base bulls**t.” Kelly cried when Meghan admitted that she was embarrassed to be her friend at that moment.

As the season progressed, Meghan’s pregnancy, due to her sitting things out because she wasn’t feeling well or couldn’t drink, shielded her from some of the group activities and ensuing drama.

During the cast’s trip to Ireland, Meghan wasn’t there when Shannon, Tamra, Heather, Vicki, and Kelly were drinking in the Irish bar and Kelly got into an argument with Tamra, which eventually led to Tamra screaming at, and possibly hitting, Kelly when they later went into a luxury brand store. The altercation between Tamra and Kelly was so bad that the group was kicked out of the store. When Kelly later told her side of the story to Meghan, Meghan made it clear with her facial expressions that she didn’t like what she was hearing.

Meghan has also stuck up for Kelly. Later on the trip, Shannon ordered drinks for everyone over lunch despite Kelly saying that she didn’t want to drink, which Kelly thought was an attempt at ambushing her. Meghan, in her blog post recapping that scene, gave her opinion that Kelly had reason to feel that Shannon was trying to set her up.

“It was strange to see Shannon asking for a double for Kelly. I don’t understand why she wanted to get her drunk? Since Kelly has a history of behaving badly when she’s drunk, I believe that she had every reason to feel set up by Shannon. I don’t know if that was the case, but that whole meal felt weird and a little forced.”

As viewers saw, all hell broke loose during the group’s bus ride back to the airport after Kelly yelled that Vicki told her that Shannon Beador’s husband “beat the s**t” out of her and that Tamra Judge’s husband might be gay and a cheater. Meghan stayed silent as Kelly battled it out with the other women. Meghan also didn’t say anything when Heather told her that she was sorry that Kelly ruined the trip and that she feels sorry for Kelly, whom she described as “mean,” “damaged,” and “has problems.”

Yet, as the Inquisitr reported, Meghan later criticized Heather Dubrow for not taking any responsibility over what went down in a confessional interview regarding the bus ride.

“Heather’s deflecting her role in this whole debacle. It’s conniving and I see right through it. It’s disappointing.”

In her blog post recapping The Real Housewives of Orange County’s finale episode, Kelly Dodd denied that Meghan King Edmonds did her wrong. Kelly also expressed her happiness over Meghan’s pregnancy.

“Meghan introduced me to this group of women and has been advising me along the way on how best to deal with them [the other women]. From my perspective, neither Meghan nor Vicki has had a devious agenda against me. Unlike the mean girl clique. I was so happy for Meghan when I learned she is having a girl. Raising Jolie has been the best experience of my life, and I am excited for Meghan to experience that too.”

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