Kandi Burruss Defends Her Mother’s Comments About Phaedra Parks: ‘They Don’t Hold Back’

Kandi Burruss has been focusing on her newborn son Ace and her marriage since the previous season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Last year, Kandi learned that her friendship with Phaedra Parks wasn’t as steady as she thought it was. Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker were close friends with Apollo Nida before he turned himself in to serve over eight years behind bars and they offered to store some of his things for him while he was gone.

But the feds learned about the assets and seized them. And Phaedra claims she had no idea that they were helping out her husband, as they were going through a divorce. Plain and simple, Parks felt that Burruss had taken sides.

According to a new Bravo report, Kandi Burruss is now revealing that her family and friends will speak their minds when it comes to her friendships. Even though Kandi and her family are no longer speaking with Phaedra Parks, it sounds like Burruss’ mother has plenty of things to say about Parks.

During Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Mama Joyce revealed that Phaedra was sketchy and she should be in jail alongside her ex-husband, Apollo Nida. While Kandi Burruss and her friends laughed, Parks was hurt by the comment and fans were shocked. But Kandi came to her mother’s defense.

“I was thinking, “Oh God!” Any time my family or team says anything about Phaedra, all of Phaedra’s fans get mad at me as if I told them to say it. My family, friends, and team all speak their mind. They don’t hold back,” Kandi Burruss explains of her mother’s behavior in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, sharing that she doesn’t control what her mother has to say about her former friend.

Interestingly, Kandi Burruss doesn’t exactly come across as a supportive friend. She probably knows what Phaedra has gone through over the past couple of years, including the struggle to become a single mother of two as Apollo was sentenced to 8 years behind bars. And while Burruss doesn’t show much support for her co-star, she does think that Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield should support each other more.


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“I’m not surprised, but I don’t agree with it. I feel like they both have beautiful homes. So what that it’s taken them a long time to get it done? As single women building million dollar homes in a great location they should be commended for having a great investment,” Kandi explains in her Bravo blog about her co-stars’ drama about the house-building process.

While Burruss isn’t apologizing for her mother’s comments about Phaedra, she does open up about her struggle to launch her restaurant business. She admits to missing two deadlines already, and she shares that the process is much more time-consuming and hard than she had anticipated. Maybe Burruss was too busy with her restaurant project to work things out with Phaedra.

“Everything!!! I’ve learned a lot during this process. First of all, you have to stay on top of your contractors. If they move slowly and hold up your project, they are stopping your money. When you pay them, you have to make sure they are paying their sub-contractors. If they don’t, it comes back on you and you end up paying for the same thing twice. Our contractor wrote someone a bad check and now people are saying we didn’t pay someone! I was pissed about that,” Kandi Burruss reveals to Bravo.

What do you think of Kandi Burruss’ decision to laugh off her mother’s comments, even though they were clearly out of line?

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