WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Vs. The Undertaker Being Planned For WWE Royal Rumble

The Undertaker will make his long awaited and speculated return to WWE television tonight on SmackDown's nine hundredth episode. It'll be the first time he's been seen on WWE programming since Wrestlemania 32 earlier this year. His return comes after roughly seven months of speculation about his WWE status, and his looming retirement that a lot of people can sense is coming much sooner, rather than later.

There are high expectations for Undertaker's return to WWE television. The WWE Universe is still trying to figure out what WWE officials have planned for The Deadman in the few hours left before SmackDown. His appearance could be a one-off to help celebrate SmackDown. The rumors have been conflicting, but the belief is that WWE will reveal their Wrestlemania plans for The Undertaker, which will take place next year in Orlando.

As of this writing, the latest rumor claimed that WWE has plans for Undertaker to face Randy Orton on the grandest stage of them all next year. The WWE Universe wants to know what is happening in Orlando in April, but a lot of people forget that "The Road to Wrestlemania" begins at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV in January, which is set to break records and become one of the biggest events in WWE history.

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WWE Royal Rumble will take place in San Antonio next year, which makes an appearance or even a match for The Undertaker at the event highly likely. It's more apparent for The Deadman to address his status for WWE Royal Rumble than it would be for him to address his Wrestlemania 33 opponent. If Randy Orton is to be The Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponent, who could WWE be planning to face him in San Antonio?

According to a new report, WWE could be planning for the current WWE World Champion, AJ Styles, to face The Undertaker at WWE Royal Rumble in January. Styles is set to defend the title against Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC in early December. There has been little reported about what WWE has planned for Styles after that PPV, but the belief is that AJ will hold the WWE title through at least Wrestlemania 33.

Since The Phenomenal One has an open spot for the event, The Deadman could be the perfect opponent for him for the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. It's unlikely that The Undertaker would win the WWE Championship from Styles at that event, but that is another dream match that the WWE Universe would be able to see on one of the biggest platforms WWE has ever had only a few months before Wrestlemania 33.

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Recently, a big rumor claimed that WWE officials were trying to figure out a way for AJ Styles to face Shawn Michaels at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. Unfortunately, HBK is extremely unlikely ever to come out of retirement. As a result, WWE probably made the call to The Undertaker as the next choice for AJ Styles.

Needless to say, The Undertaker's return to WWE television has ignited the rumor mill about what WWE has planned for The Deadman in what could be the final run of his career. The WWE Universe is going to be expecting a lot from tonight's show, but it's also being reported that Undertaker is not expected to wrestle a match. The most he's expected to do is deliver a few big moves to some undercard workers.

AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker could be the plan for the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. That would be a fantastic match that the WWE Universe hasn't seen before, and it's likely that WWE would want to start promoting the match immediately if that is the plan. It could be Randy Orton or Styles, but it's obvious that WWE's plans are going to be revealed soon. Tonight's edition of SmackDown could be a major game changer for WWE programming heading into 2017.

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