Is 'Pawn Stars' Canceled? Chumlee, Rick, And Corey Are Now 'Seeking Ventures Outside The TV Show'

Is Pawn Stars canceled? The most recent revelation is that although the 14th season began airing a month ago, the History Channel has yet to inform the favorites from the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop on whether the show has been renewed or not.

Although the show completed filming Season 14, there does not appear to be another season in the works. Although the Las Vegas Review-Journal did not share any direct quotes from the stars about the typical communication that the reality stars were accustomed to receiving from the History Channel, obviously, the silence from the station is quite unusual. Otherwise respected columnist John Katsilometes would have not reported that the show is in limbo.What he did report was that the reality stars, "especially" Rick Harrison and his son Corey, are now working on some non-Pawn Stars business projects. Although the popular columnist did not reveal any clues as to what "ventures outside the TV show" Corey and Rick have been up to, he hinted that Chumlee had a huge announcement -- and it is a sweet one! Chumlee is opening a candy store!
Two months ago, the Inquisitr first reported that Rick Harrison hinted that Chumlee was opening a candy store, and now, it is official! The cozy store is located at Pawn Plaza, which is across the parking lot from the pawn shop where Pawn Stars has been filmed since 2009. Now, all of the details have been revealed!

The shop, called Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard, is opening on May 8. Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, will be working alongside his 21-year-old brother Sage. Fans who have gone to autograph signings at the pawn shop have already seen Sage. He usually goes with Chum and takes the pics. The two brothers like to have fun, and chose "fun" as the theme for their tasty joint venture.

"My brother and I wanted to do something fun, and candy is fun."
Chumlee recently spoke to News 3 Las Vegas about his sweet new venture and the buzz around his new shop. Chum's landlord and Pawn Stars boss, Rick Harrison, will be close by, as the candy shop is located right next door to Rick's Rollin' Smoke Barbecue and Tavern. The shop will have old-time faves like Chum's favorite bottle caps and Lucky Lights candy cigarettes, as well as Taffy and chocolate bars. Chumlee plans on having some "signature" Pawn Stars candy created exclusively for the store.

Already, the Chum buzz is out and fans are showing up! Fans have been active on social media, posting photos of the Pawn Stars fave at the store, prepping for the big grand opening. He has already implemented plans for crowd control.

"I actually think I'm going to have to have a rope in front of my door as well because, as you can see, only 10-15 people can come in here comfortably."
A year ago, fans were shocked when Chumlee was arrested for weapons and drugs. During this difficult time, the reality star went silent on social media, and there were rumors that his status on Pawn Stars was a question mark. The Harrisons and the fans stood by an appreciative Chumlee, who agreed to a plea deal and is currently on probation for another two years.
"My fan base held judgement and waited to see what came of the situation. I made it out on top, and I just thank everyone who stuck by me. And our fans are great."
So, is Pawn Stars canceled? Chumlee seems to be optimistic that the show will have a 15th season.
"We're in down time now. It looks like we'll be getting another season, but you never know how it's going to go. Most likely we'd start taping again in September, if we do come back. But we need to see what History wants to do."
What do you think of Chumlee's latest venture? Are you watching Pawn Stars Season 14?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]