Police: Man Cut Mom With Knife Over Donald Trump Argument

An argument over Donald Trump ended with a Brooklyn woman being slashed with a knife by her own son. The New York Post reported that Yvonne Braswell is recovering after she tried to intervene in a heated argument between her two sons over the current President-Elect.

Police say the incident took place on Saturday night when 48-year-old Dwight Braswell and 49-year-old Maurice Braswell exchanged words about the election of Hillary Clinton’s opponent. The two brothers, who both voted Democratic, started to argue. However, the reason behind the argument hasn’t been clarified in reports. The mother of the two men — the alleged victim — says that the two men “just started going back and forth about Donald Trump.”

The 67-year-old Brooklyn woman says that the argument escalated when the two began throwing punches. She says that her oldest son grabbed a knife and brandished it during the incident. It was then that she, and other members of their family, tried to separate the two men.

However, this attempted ended with multiple injuries. Yvonne’s thumb was reportedly badly slashed, which required her to get stitches. Meanwhile, her granddaughter (who also tried to break up the fight) needs surgery to reattach her thumb, as it was severed during the scuffle.

Unfortunately, the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States has triggered a variety of reactions — many of which have been violent in nature. Across the country, multiple protests have erupted. Some of these protests have turned into full-blown riots. The Sun recently reported on a viral video, which appears to show protesters violently beating an elderly Trump supporter.

Meanwhile, news reports are sharing allegations of threats and intimidation against minorities after the election of Donald Trump. Rolling Out reports that a Georgia teacher, who happens to be Muslim, has recently been told to hang herself with her hijab. The high school teacher says that she received an anonymous note that told her she wasn’t allowed to wear the head scarf anymore.

“Your head scarf isn’t allowed anymore. Why don’t you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it,” the note read.

Also, since the election of Donald Trump, multiple photos and videos have gone viral, which appear to depict emboldened racism and other forms of bigotry among the President Elect’s followers. One video shows a man identified as Robert Neil Thompson, harassing a man of color by telling him that “Black Lives Don’t Matter,” while cheering for Donald Trump’s recent election win.


As for this latest case out of Brooklyn, police arrested Maurice Braswell in association with Saturday night’s incident. He is expected to be arraigned on Sunday. Reports aren’t clarifying on whether or not the other brother in this case will face any charges. Meanwhile, the mother of the two men — who is recovering from being slashed by a knife — says that they are both “good men,” who don’t fight often.

Have there been any reports of violence, associated with the election of Donald Trump, in your neck of the woods? Sound off in the comments section.

[Featured image via Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock]