Will Angelina Jolie Lose Custody Battle Over Children’s Desire To Reunite With Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie is struggling to keep her children happy after having filed legal court documents to end her marriage with Brad Pitt while demanding full custody of all the kids.

The couple’s split has turned nasty in recent weeks, especially after Brad’s rep made claims, alleging that Jolie was attacking the actor with her own smear campaign — one which Angelina thought would change people’s perception of the Hollywood star.

As previously revealed, Angelina didn’t hold back when insinuating that her husband of two years had a substance abuse problem. And to make matters worse, Jolie strongly implied that Brad was abusive to their children, claiming she has enough evidence to show to the court if Pitt was to try and seek joint custody.

Angelina Jolie has made it known that she wants full custody of all the children, having told her closest family and friends that they are better off being raised in her presence. Brad would still be entitled to visitation rights, but they’d have to be approved by the actress beforehand.

To nobody’s surprise, Brad is calling the claims made by Angelina’s camp absolutely ridiculous. As if their divorce wasn’t shocking enough, Brad was rocked by allegations that he has a substance abuse problem and that his children were supposedly scared of him, causing Angelina to step in and take over Pitt’s responsibilities as a father.

According to Hollywood Life, however, while Angelina is desperate to receive full custody, her children are beginning to show signs that they are miserable without their father in their lives.

Before she announced her divorce from Brad, Jolie had already ditched the family home she shared with the actor for several years, The Sun reported. Sources reveal that Jolie is beginning to notice how miserable her kids are: they want their family back to how it used to be, they miss their own freedom, and they’re also missing the home they grew up in.

“Angelina Jolie has been struggling with keeping the kids happy,” a source stresses. “It’s been weeks since the kids moved out of their home and they are getting homesick.”

“The children are sad, miss the huge house they grew up in, and have been complaining to Angelina that they want to go home. The older children are not happy with the situation while the younger kids are having trouble understanding why they can’t just go home.”

Brad Pitt has already been cleared from the initial FBI investigation that saw him being questioned by authorities concerning the safety of his children, following claims by Angelina Jolie’s camp, alleging that there had been an incident between Brad and Maddox in the midst of a flight on the couple’s private jet.

While neither of the two has publicly shared the events that took place during the flight, the incident was severe enough for Angelina Jolie to distance herself from her husband and blindside him by filing for divorce — and evidently taking the kids with her when abruptly deciding to leave the family’s LA home.

So, what does this mean for Angelina Jolie and the future of her children?

According to what insiders have gathered in recent weeks, Angie still wants full custody of the children, convinced that it’s the best decision for everyone.

Last week, sources alleged that the custody battle could cost the couple close to $10 million — mainly because neither parent is willing to go home without the verdict they are looking for. Angie wants sole custody while Brad wants to have the right to co-parent with the star and raise the kids together.

Who do you think is in the right here? Are you siding with Angelina Jolie?

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