Anti-Trump Protesters Shout 'Kill The Police' As Riots Spark Shooting On Portland Bridge

Dozens of anti-Trump protesters were arrested after violent clashes in Portland for the fourth night in a row. Police officers around the country have been attacked and property destroyed during demonstrations against the president-elect.

Indianapolis anti-Trump protesters shouted, "Kill the police," during the weekend demonstrations, the Daily Mail reports. Police officers threw flash grenades and used tear gas to disperse rioters in Portland on Saturday evening.

By blocking public sidewalks and roads, the protesters are committing crimes. Thousands of participants in the "not my president" protests are subjecting themselves to being arrested for their activities, but so far continue to take to the streets to call for President-Elect Donald Trump to step aside and let Hillary Clinton move into the White House in January.

Trump will surely not heed their calls. He won the 2016 presidential election and is busy preparing for the transition of power, which will officially occur after he is sworn in less than two months from now. Hillary Clinton was the fourth presidential candidate in history to win the popular vote and lose the election.

The constitutional amendment which created the Electoral College was approved as a state's rights measure. The election system prevents any densely populated state from garnering too much power over the election process.

Portland has been home to some of the worst riots since Donald Trump shocked the mainstream media, pollsters, liberals, and urban Americans, with his win. On Friday evening in the Oregon city, one man was shot and the crowd simply continued on with their march.

Police officers in the city are sharing CCTV still images of the protesters engaging in vandalism and destruction in an effort to identify, and ultimately arrest, the anti-Trump individuals. The shooting on the Portland bridge is the first known such incident to occur during the protests against President-Elect Trump, OregonLive reports.

The name of the man shot on the Morrison Bridge has not yet been released by the Portland Police Department. His injuries were not reportedly life threatening. The shooter is believed to have quickly left the bridge area in a vehicle.
Shawna Hall, 28, was filming the protest near the Portland bridge, She told the media she witnessed what had happened before a gun was pulled. According to the North Plains resident, some of the anti-Trump protesters were blocking the eastbound bridge land by marching on the roadway.

Hall said a car the shooter was inside maneuvered around the other vehicles forced to stop on the bridge by the protesters. The vehicle stopped and a man got out, she added. Soon after exiting the vehicle the man pulled a gun and a confrontation between the people in the car and the protesters occurred.

The young woman also said the protesters told the people in the car to leave and a passenger was able to usher the man with the gun back inside the vehicle. After driving about 100 feet on the bridge, protesters forced the vehicle to a stop again.

A protester said the man fired multiple shots, possibly from inside the car, hitting the victim in the leg. A medic who happened to be in the crowd reportedly tended to the wound. Portland police officers arrived quickly and used flash bangs to clear the bridge and begin an investigation into the shooting.

During an Oakland, California, anti-Trump protest, both rocks and fireworks were reportedly thrown at police officers. To date, more than 225 protesters have been arrested during demonstrations around the country.

[Featured Image by Damian Dovargane/AP Images]