‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 66 Review, 67 Preview: Trunks Ends Zamasu After Vegito is Unfused, Omniverse Tournament Confirmed?

Dragon Ball Super has all but concluded the Future Trunks arc, and the finale of the climactic battle between the Z fighters and Merged God Zamasu has definitively split the DB community in half. On the one hand, numerous fans of the anime appreciated the nods to classic Dragon Ball Z tropes the battle’s focus on Future Trunks, but on the other hand, a number of Dragon Ball purists did not appreciate the liberties taken by the anime with regards to some of the franchise’s oldest concepts. Next week, Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 will air, and judging from its preview, it seems like the Future Trunks arc would have one final surprise up its sleeve.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 featured a number of very memorable scenes, including the brief and much-hyped appearance of Vegito, the fused form of Son Goku and Vegeta. With Merged God Zamasu critically damaged from Son Goku’s Kaio-Ken attack, the time was right to put an end to the corrupted kaioshin. Considering that there were two kais watching the fight between the Z fighters and Merged Zamasu, Son Goku and Vegeta opted to give the villain a taste of his own medicine, fusing together and challenging him as the merged Saiyan, Vegito.

The fight between Vegito and Merged Zamasu is one of, if not the best animated battle sequence in the entire Dragon Ball Super series to date. The animation was smooth, the camera angles were perfect, and the fight between the two fighters was choreographed perfectly. If any, the fight between Vegito and Merged Zamasu echoed much of what longtime DB fans loved about Dragon Ball Z. Good things came to an end very quickly, however, as Gowasu, Zamasu’s mentor before succumbing to evil, revealed that potara fusions only last an hour if mortals are involved. Apart from this, a certain limit has also been given to the potara earrings themselves, as they are only able to handle a certain degree of power.

'Dragon Ball Super' has featured great development for one of the franchise's most popular characters, Future Trunks.
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Thus, just as Vegito was about to deal the final blow to the corrupted kai, Son Goku and Vegeta got unmerged and were almost killed by the now-desperate Merged Zamasu. It was then that Future Trunks, just as rumors predicted, stepped up and took the fight to the weakened but still raging Merged Zamasu. With the corrupted kai weakened and with the entire world’s spirit behind him, Future Trunks defied all odds and definitively defeated Zamasu using a bladed version of Son Goku’s Spirit Bomb from Dragon Ball Z. The episode ended with Future Trunks effectively slicing Merged Zamasu in half.

Episode 66 was undoubtedly one of the most well-directed and well-executed episodes in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. However, it did manage to incite a significant amount of controversy among longtime fans of the series due to the retcon of the potara fusion and the sudden power-up that Future Trunks was given in order to finally defeat the villain. While numerous longtime Dragon Ball fans were quite aghast at the changes and the alleged plot holes in the anime, numerous fans of the franchise were quick to point out that despite its flaws, the Future Trunks arc remains as the best Dragon Ball Super arcs to date.

One of the things that fans loved about the episode was just how smooth it flowed. From the time Future Trunks quite literally picked up his sword up to the point when he delivered the final slash to the corrupted kai, everything from the animation to the dialogue to the score, was on point. Avid Dragon Ball Super fans even remarked that the final moments of Future Trunks’ battle, which were augmented by strings and choral music, were nothing short of perfect. Thus, despite its notable flaws and the rather illogical jumps in power, Episode 66 was a solid entry into the DBS anime and the Dragon Ball universe as a whole.

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 was just as interesting as Episode 66 itself, with the Omni-King making a brief appearance in the teaser. In a lot of ways, this does make sense, as it should be noted that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama himself stated when he announced the Future Trunks arc earlier this year that the conflict would involve the intervention of the Omni-King himself. While the exact reasons behind the Omni-King’s appearance are still unknown, previous rumors about the next episode state that Zamasu’s spirit would be a threat in the next episode – a threat large enough that it forces Son Goku to press the almighty button that summons the God of Everything at any time.

The Future Trunks arc of 'Dragon Ball Super' has proven to be one of the best stories the franchise has explored to date.
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While the Omni-King’s appearance will definitely put an end to the final throes of Zamasu, the God of Everything’s appearance might also herald the beginning of the next arc. During the Omni-King’s first appearance at the end of the Champa arc, the small but overpowered god gave hints that he would like to host a tournament that would include the participation of the Z fighters in the future. Considering that Son Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks showed significant growth in terms of power and potential in the fight against Zamasu and Black Goku, it is definitely possible that the Omni King might find it the right time to invite the heroes to the greatest tournament they would ever participate in.

The Omniverse Tournament only exists in fan forums right now, as no official word about the arc has been released by the Dragon Ball Super producer so far. What is known, however, it that DBS is speculated to run for a total of 100 episodes. Thus, another epic arc seems like the perfect way to bid goodbye to the latest Dragon Ball anime adaptation. With regards to the participants of the Omniverse Tournament, avid fans of the franchise are speculating that it might involve the Gods of Destruction from different universes, which were briefly revealed in the previous arc. Regardless of the details, however, it seems certain that Dragon Ball Super seems to be heading into yet another tournament arc.

Dragon Ball Super‘s Future Trunks arc has evolved into arguably one of the best DB stories to date, with great character development, a dramatic story, and battles that are extremely well directed and choreographed. Episode 66 just showed fans just how far the anime could go, as the battle against Merged Zamasu reached its peak. Judging from the next episode’s preview, things are set to become more interesting, as it seems like Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 would herald a beginning to yet another epic arc.

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