Fan Falls From Escalator At MetLife Stadium, Rushed To Hospital In Critical Condition

A fan was critically injured after the New York Giants game today when he fell from an escalator at MetLife Stadium.

Fox Sports reports that the man fell over the side of the escalator and dropped more than 20 feet onto a metal stage at MetLife Stadium. It is unclear what caused him to fall.

Sgt. Adam Grossman said that the 42-year-old man was airlifted to Hackensack University Hospital. He is currently in critical condition.

This isn’t the first time that a fan has been injured after a major fall at a sports stadium. Earlier this year a University of Tennessee fan was killed after falling from the upper deck of the Georgia Dome. That incident was reportedly caused by an over-excited fist pump after a touchdown.

The incident at Giants stadium occurred after the game so it isn’t likely that the world has seen another fist pump related death. The Giants did beat the Redskins, however, with a 77-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning late in the game. Was that enough excitement for a man to lose his footing?

Another fan saw his demise after falling three stories from an escalator at Reliant Stadium during a Minnesota Vikings – Houston Texans game last season. That incident reportedly occurred after the man tried to slide down the handrail of the escalator. The fan ended up falling from the escalator and dropping three floors to the cement.

Sgt. Grossman couldn’t comment on the cause of the incident and did not say if alcohol was involved.