‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Episode 6 Synopsis And Promo: Dean, Sam, And Mary Winchester Deal With Hunter-Killing Demon [Spoilers]

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6 is titled “Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox.” Scheduled to air November 17 on The CW network, what can fans expect? The synopsis reveals that Dean, Sam, and Mary Winchester will be mourning the death of another hunter. While doing so, a demon is determined to kill the hunters and starts picking them off, one at a time.

Spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know what to expect on the long-running series.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Supernatural Season 12 spoilers revealed the show is going back to basics, but the stories have a unique twist. This makes them seem fresh and new, even with the TV show being on the air for so many years. What can fans expect on the next episode titled “Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox?”

Spoiler TV published the synopsis and a promo clip for Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6. It states that a fellow hunter has died. However, that isn’t all. In next week’s episode, a demon is busy killing off all the hunters.

“When hunters gather together to celebrate the life and tragic death of one of their own, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) must take action when a demon starts picking off hunters one by one.”

As Variety reported in September, Pretty Little Liars actress Kara Royster will appear in the next episode of Supernatural. She will play the role of Alicia, who was raised by a witch. Now that she is grown, Alicia and her brother, Max, are supernatural hunters. She ends up meeting Sam and Dean Winchester. Based on the synopsis and promo clip for Season 12 Episode 6, it must be when the other hunters come together after Asa’s death.

The promo clip that was released is interesting. It show several people, which must be other hunters, trapped in a house. They cannot open the doors and are unable to escape. The lights flicker, waves of energy float over bodies on the ground, and a familiar face says that everyone dies. That individual is Billie (Lisa Berry) and Supernatural fans will recognize her as one of the Reapers.

In another scene, Dean Winchester says he isn’t dead yet and it appears he is bracing for something. Suddenly, an invisible force throws him through a set of glass-paned doors. If they can’t escape, then how will they get out of this situation?

It should be noted that even though Mary Winchester was not seen in the clip, she is mentioned in the synopsis for Season 12 Episode 6. Also, she can be seen in sneak peek photos for “Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox.”

In addition to the information provided for the next episode of Supernatural, the synopsis for Season 12 Episode 7 was also released. Titled “Rock Never Dies,” fans will see what Lucifer (Rick Springfield) has been up to.

“Lucifer realizes that as rock star Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, Lucifer arranges to play a secret VIP concert in order to kill all of them. Sam, Dean, and Castiel (Misha Collins) enter the underbelly of the music industry to try to stop him.”

What do you think is going to happen in the next episode of Supernatural? How will Dean and Sam Winchester, along with their resurrected mother, Mary Winchester, stop the demon? How will the hunters escape and will anyone die? Fans will just have to watch to find out what happens next.

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 6, titled “Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox,” airs November 17 on The CW network.

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