'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Pushes For Answers, Andre Makes A Discovery, And Carly's Battle Continues

General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 8 tease that there is a lot of action on the way. Jason, Sam, Elizabeth, and Franco are desperate to figure out the truth about the missing years that Jake and Jason were with Helena and an adventure on Cassadine Island in Greece should be developing soon. Nathan questions what comes next as Maxie continues her stay in Portland and Nina continues to be concerned about Valentin and his connection to Anna. GH teasers also note that there is continuing drama related to Carly and Sonny ahead and this will be a week jam-packed with action.

Jason is trying to figure out the truth about the time he was away, but he still has quite a bit he doesn't remember. General Hospital spoilers share that Sam will be worried about him, and he will soon come to a realization of sorts. He also crosses paths with a familiar face, Daphne, and GH teasers hint that there are juicy twists and turns on the way. Elizabeth will talk to Sam about how all signs are pointing toward Cassadine Island being the place where answers are, and soon Franco will take drastic action of some sort.

The buzz is that Jason will soon head to Greece to try to find answers, and Franco will bail on a date with Elizabeth and head there as well. GH teasers have been hinting that there could be some shockers on the way as the action shifts to Cassadine Island with some viewers wondering if Helena or Nikolas, or even both, could pop up alive after supposedly being dead.

Chad Duell plays Michael on 'General Hospital'
Will Michael continue to be drawn to Nelle? [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

The hesitant dance between Michael and Nelle continues and GH teasers note that Nelle will soon be pleasantly surprised. Also, Soap Central details that things will be looking up for her in some sense. Andre is said to get lab results that cause concern, seemingly about the bottle of Morgan's medication. It sounds as if Andre may discover that what was in the bottle wasn't what he prescribed, and General Hospital spoilers have detailed that this medication situation will explode quite soon.

In addition, Andre is said to worry about mistakes that Anna is making. There have been a lot of theories swirling about Anna, and the possibility that her twin Alex is in town impersonating her, and GH teasers indicate that answers should be coming soon. Nathan will be thinking about some potential changes he might need to make to save his marriage to Maxie, and there is a date on the way for Jordan and Curtis that seemingly doesn't go all that well.

The divorce battle between Carly and Sonny is going to be a rough one, and it certainly will not help that Sonny slept with Carly's lawyer without realizing the connection. General Hospital spoilers detail that Carly's trust will end up misplaced and later in the week Sonny faces some bad news. There will be new developments that leave Carly demanding an explanation, and she'll become increasingly suspicious of someone.

Michelle Stafford plays Nina on 'General Hospital'
Nina struggles a great deal over Valentin and her marriage on 'General Hospital' [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Nina is desperate to save her marriage to Valentin while still having serious doubts about his commitment to her. Nina continues to worry about Valentin's connection to Anna and GH teasers hint that Nina's world will begin to fall apart. She will question her husband's intentions, and when things spin out of control, Nina will start drinking as a way to cope.

GH spoilers also share that there will be some action related to Hayden, Griffin, and Finn coming up, and Hayden will end up being caught off guard in some manner. The May sweeps period is now in full force, and GH teasers note that there will be juicy twists and turns on the way.

What will Jason and the rest of the crew learn when they head to Cassadine Island? Is Ava finally about to be busted for the switch she made with Morgan's medication? What is the truth about Anna and will Nina and Valentin's marriage fall apart over all of this? General Hospital spoilers detail that things will really be heating up this week and fans won't want to miss where things head next.

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